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Vitamin D

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There appears to be a correlation (but not necessarily causation) between Vitamin D status and Renal Cell Carcinoma. Just wondering if others on this forum have found that to be the case and if you are currently supplementing? I found out that I was deficient after my bout with RCC and have been taking a high dose everyday since. What has been your experience?

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....that a deficiency can contribute to or cause RCC? Do you have a link to an article we can all read. Thanks.

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Vitamin D supplementation is a good idea for most people as they get older, particularly if they don't get out in the sun very much (often the case for the institutionalised and workaholics). But not because of any connection with RCC.

"Correlation" is a dangerous term. RCC is usually diagnosed in older folks who, generally have greying hair but it's unlikely that RCC causes hair to go grey and even more improbable that the hair greying process causes kidney cancer.

[Much more probable that you're at risk by being named Gar(r)y or Larry and riding a Harley to the course to play golf in Michigan - very hazardous indeed :) ]

The evidence that, as an immune system booster, vit D protects against cancers isn't yet overwhelming?

There's a reasonably informative item on D on Medline Plus.

Posts: 59
Joined: Jun 2010

Thanks TW and as I said in my previous post, correlation does not equal causation. This simply came to my attention after reading that RCC rates increase the further you get from the equator, and that Vitamin D status is implicated in RCC as it is in many other types of cancer. I find that interesting, given that I was diagnosed with a Vitamin D deficiency after also being diagnosed with RCC and was just wondering if others had heard of a connection and/or are supplementing as a result.




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