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Newly diagnoised with endrometreal cancer awaiting hysterectomy on Thursday

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y would like to talk with others with same situation or already went through alittle nervouse

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Hi! I'm up now if you want to ask me anything. Had mine almost three years ago..I have UPSC utenine/endrometreal cancer stage(?) 1a, grade C. My name is Debra Ask all of us anything at all...nothing is out of bounds!

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The period you are in was the hardest for me. Once the surgery is done and your doctor has all the info he needs for the two of you to make a treatment plan for your future, it should get easier. Also, time lets you get used to your new "normal" and you figure out how to deal with things. I didn't come to this site till I was post-op. I wish I had known before so I could ask questions about tissue assays, how many nodes would be biopsied, etc. if you don't know about this stuff, there are excellent old posts here to explain things.

I promise to think about you Thursday. What time is your surgery?


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Connie, couldn't agree with you more. The cervical biopsy told us it was grade 3, but it could not be staged until the hys. That was a long 20 days for me, and until chemo, was the hardest. Chemo is kicking butt right now LOL But chemo too, shall pass.

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WOW - you are amazing! I was a basket case.
Ask anything - this place is the safest place in the world - we all have different stories and I can't tell you how much I have learned on here.
This is definitely the hardest part - waiting and not knowing. Amazingly we do survive it - and often it is not as bad as our very worse fears.
Peace and hugs

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I wish you all the best with your surgery on Thursday. I know my surgery was 3 1/2 hours long as I had a large uterus. My gyn who did the surgery had to chop up my uterus since it was so large. They originally thought I had adenocarcinoma, but I later found out a couple of weeks later that it was UPSC - Stage 1. My UPSC was 5 cm and it nothing more than a large polyp. I had been bleeding for 6 months and I had had 2 tests done in the fall of 2010 and nothing was found as I had a large fibroid blocking it, so I pushed for the surgery so I had my surgery in February of 2011. I then met with a gyn/oncologist two days after my surgery and my gyn had recommended my oncologist as I was still in the hospital and was discharged later that afternoon. I was in the hospital for 2 days. I felt I should have been kept in longer, but then insurance companies want you to leave as soon as possible.

However, after my surgery six days later, my incision reopened so I had to go back into the hospital for 2 more days. After I came back home, I had to have a home health care nurse come to my house every day for 6 weeks to care for it. They used a solution and gauze to help close it. And I also had to go back and see my gyn once a week to make sure everything was healing. My insurance covered the home health care nurse.

Towards the end of February, I met with the oncologist who recommended I go through aggressive chemo 6 rounds of carboplatin and taxol and 3 rounds of radiation. So in mid April after I had healed and everything was okay with my incision, I started chemotherapy. I lost all my hair about 2 weeks after my first treatment the end of April. I had bought a wig in the meantime so I started wearing it. I had 6 rounds total of chemo and finished the end of August in 2011. I also had a blood transfusion the beginning of August along with a Neulasta shot which my insurance paid for since my platelets and white blood cell count were low. My insurance also paid for all the chemo and radiation treatments for which I will be always grateful. I finished radiation treatments in mid October of 2011.

I have had a couple of cat scans and everything shows so far with NO evidence of disease for which I am very happy about and very grateful. I just hope it continues to remain that way forever.

Anyway, good luck with your surgery on Thursday and keep us ladies posted here on your progress.


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I encourage you to visit "hyster sisters" website too. I know it helped me a lot around the time of my surgery. I wish you the best! Teresa

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Good luck during your surgery tomorrow. Update us on how you are doing when you can

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Survivorhope, hope your surgery went well and you are recovering

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