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SO Relieved I'm not the only one!

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Hello Everyone! I've just joined this site Nov 4th, and I'm SO relieved to find so many others having the same issues! Which are: Muscle Pain in hips, groin, shoulders, and back but only when I move and use these muscles. If I'm sitting, not moving, I only have pain in my left bicep. I spend an enormous amount of time on the toilet. And am still having issues with Chemo Brain. Oh, and my vision has gone to pot too. All these so much I am having to retire at age 55. Can't do my job. Retirement date is this coming December 7th. I'm petrified! My chemo treatments ended 6 months ago. Just had my 6 month check up (CEA, CT scan, & colonoscopy) and all is clear.

Doc wants to give me pills for the pain. I was to solve the problem, not just mask it. If it can't be fixed, so be it. Then I'll take a pill. But if I can fix it, I'd rather do that.

I don't have anything I want to talk about tonight, in particular. But I just wanted to say thank you to everyone contributing. Knowing I'm not the only one REALLY helps! More soon.....best to all! Lori

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Glad that you found this board of caring, sharing folks.

Being able to have a place to share anything about your journey and know that there will be folks who understand or have been there is definately a wonderful thing.

Marie who loves kitties

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You've found a great place to look for answers, questions, friendship, people to laugh with and, when you need it, a shoulder to cry on. May you have many years of sharing experiences with us.

God Bless


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Hope we can help you with issues as they come up. Usually there are at least a few who've experienced the same issues and can offer advice or just compassion.

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Welcome!! :-)

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welcome Lori....good work on that 6 month check....that is one huge plus.

my vision declined badly after chemo but I think it is recovering. who knows after a bit Lori what to blame on chemo and what to blame on just plain old age....I am 65 and I too had to retire before i wanted to.

Lori have you tried any really gentle exercise for pain....like a warm water theraputic pool or chair yoga.....something really gentle???

lovely you have found this forum.....welcome


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Welcome to the forum. Since I've discovered this group I've been coping much better. Nice to "talk" to people who understand not just the emotional stuff but the practical, as well. Not many people in my everyday life can relate to bag issues, chemo side effects and the stress of scans etc... I think you'll find it helpful in many ways. Looking forward to your future posts.


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