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I have been so disappointed the last two days. I was due to go in for my bloodwork and to see my onc for my 3 month visit. After the usual screaming match, over the money needed for these visits, I have decided to never ask my husband to make another medical bill payment on my behalf.
I have canceled the appointments because my husband is tired of paying for my past and present healthcare. I am a housewife and I have no income. My husband is self employed flooring installer and he's never paid for health insurance.
I am going to start looking for employment Monday, starting at the Temporary Agencies in town. I always had good luck getting a job through them in my younger days.
I have lost all self confidence and this will not be an easy thing for me. For those who believe, please remember me in your prayers. I am determined today to gain employment, however, I know when the time comes to actually get the ball rolling tomorrow I will be a huge bundle of nerves.
Thank you all in advance, Cindy

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Prayers on the way for a job and that you can make an appointment soon to keep you on schedule for your health.


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Thank you. When I posted I knew I could count on your prayers.

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How awful! Has he always paid out of pocket for everything? Does he have the money or is he just being terrible? Cancer is enough stress alone. When was your last scan and blood work? Are you NED last scan? These appts are so important for our life. Do you have other family that will help? Sorry so many questions but these 3 month scans are too important to miss. Hope there is a way.

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He can afford the monthly payment arrangements that I have made with UAP clinic which is where my onc practices. I also make (am supposed to make) monthly payments to the local hospital which is where I have to get my tests(pet,cats,colonoscopies bloodwork) done.
He has been giving me the payments only every two months for awhile. I have known for a while that he is tired of paying.
I can make my current payment arrangements if I can get a job.
The social worker helped me with the medicaid application but my hysbands income is so high I would be required to pay a $1200/month spenddown before they would pay anything. He definately wont pay that.
My last bloodwork was Aug. and it turned out fine.
Im sure Im healthy enough to work. I just need a job where it would be easy for me to get to bathroom when my sickness hits.

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Wow--as if cancer isn't stressful enough.
There's some good advice here, esp. about contacting the hospital directly, through the social worker and stating your problem.
I do hope you find work soon---that will help tremendously.
Good luck and I'll be watching for your next post.
Take care,

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Hi Cindy, please contact your hospital's social worker for assistance. She will be able to help you through the maze of financial assistance that may be available to you. You also may qualify for Medicaid, do please don't give up, seek help!!


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I may be able to help. Depending on where you live, your husband may be eligible for Sole Proprietor "Group" insurance, which would cover you as a dependent. I'm in the business of Sole Prop health insurance, and would be happy to help you or point you in the right direction, if I can.

I'll PM you with my business contact info.

And if anyone else wants my contact info, please PM me. I will not use this forum as advertising. However, if I can help my friends here, I will.


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He is away on a hunting trip right now. When he gets back I will let him know what you have posted.
I live in Terre Haute, Indiana.
Thank you so much.

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Many hospitals are non profits, and although they are quiet about it, they may have a requirement to do Pro-Bono work as part of the charter. Good advise to talk to the Social Worker about any help that may be out there before you give up.

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I hope that you can find satisfactory resolution to this problem, but I have to say that as your legal spouse he is as responsible for the medical debt as if he was the one receiving services. I know this because my ex-son-in-law had a hospital bill which went unpaid because he would not work. My daughter was held responsible for it because they were married at the time. She never signed a document accepting his financial responsibility, except for the marriage license.

Wishing you the best,

Marie who loves kitties

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pray for you!

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Very sorry to hear this. Not sure what I would do w/out the support of my wife in all of this. I can't even imagine telling her that I would not pay for treatments that are necessary to keep her alive.....

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