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Another KTeacher update from her sister on Facebook....

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Saturday was good. She was peppy in the morning and ate some breakfast. She took a few walks up and down the hall, which was great. She ate some lunch. Don visited all day and kept her company and assisted with her drinking and constant moistening her lips. The nurses and doctors came by constantly, which is good. After opening the bottom of the flap, it bleed alot overnight, which it was expected to do. As the day went on, it subsided. The pressure was taken off and the swelling doesn't look as angry, although it certainly is swollen. She has a drain coming out of the side of her head, behind her right ear, and another coming out of her thigh, where they took the skin graft. All seems to be working well.

Her room was the size of a broom closet, and we just received a call from her that they moved her down the hall last night to a private room. That is great. She will definitely get more rest.

If anyone wants to write to Bev or Do...n while they are here, my address is 1416 Dominica Lane, Foster City, CA 94404. She has appreciated the ones she has received.



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For keeping us all in the loop.

What courage she has, and a superb will to survive.

we can all learn a thing or two from her, I certianally have.


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What an impressive amount of determination for a speedy recovery. An inspiration to so many.

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KT is such an inspiration on courage, and the will to kick this C-beast to the curb ! I'm glad she's getting a private room. Send our love ! Katie

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