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Need Advice

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I have wandered over from the breast cancer board. am a 3 time survivor ,and was hoping for some advice for my sister.
She has dealt with abnormal papa smears for years, she had a serious HPV infection that was horrible to get under control. She is 43 has never had children, and doesnt think she will. But this is a tough thing for her. She has talked to me about having her cervix removed, she knows she will still be at risk for vaginal cancer. She had a biopsy last year that they lost and did not repeat. (I didnt know about this)
having dealt with breast cancer for so long, I know what I would do in terms of BC, but dont know what kind of advice to give her. thanks for any input, and hopefully you will never have to deal with BC but we are a great group and would be happy to advise you if you needed it.

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Hi Carkris, you are right and you do know what your sister should do, but loosing a biopsy is unforgivable! A whole year!? Get her to the dr. and light a fire under someone in that office...her report may be just misfiled and is still there! Congradulations on the three time survivor of BC! Hang in there...my mother )87) is a 26 year survivor of BC,too! Best, debrajo

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