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Sinus and nasal passage cancer - joint pain after completion of treatments

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Finished 3 chemo, and 35 radiation sessions. Remainder of tumour was removed a couple of months ago, and they're waiting for me to be cancer free for 3 or 4 months before inserting tubes in to my bottom tear ducts which were melted shut.

In the last month, I have been hit with joint pain. If there's a joint, it's in pain. Some days, I can hardly walk based on the pain. Anybody else experience this type of pain? I'm going to mention it at my next oncologist appointment but, in the mean time, thought I'd mention it here.

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Hi Betann12,

Welcome to the club, sounds like you have been properly initiated. I hope your post treatment side effects are few.

As for the joint pain, are you drinking tons of water and getting a well balanced, nutritional diet? Sometimes it is the easily overlooked items that mater the most.

Feel better,


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I have been eating a balanced diet but, don't drink as much water as I should.

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Hello, joint pain this severe can be after effects of treatment. My Mother was hit pretty hard with this too. I have OA in most of the joints, and it is no picnic. Yes please tell your onc about these issues. Are you taking anything for the pain ? If not I would defineately be getting something....you need to be able to heal properly. Thinking only positives for you ! Katie

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Thanks Katie. I've been googling the problem and have found the same thing. Apparently, it can impacts your joints, muscles, etc. I've got some tylenol 1's for when the pain really gets to me.

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Glad you made it through to the other side.....

I can't offer much in the way other than what Matt has suggested, other than to make sure you communicate with your MD's anything going on.

Most of all of us have various aches and pains for several months to years post Tx.


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