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I'm just beside myself

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My husband was diagnosed 3 weeks ago with rhumatoid arthritis, I know this seems way off our topics, but his rhumatolagist put him on a drug she says is used for cancer..methotrexate...she said it may cause mouth sores and losing hair. This is the end of the second week, he takes 3 once a week. I'm very concerned because, while he's had no side effects, he's so weak and tired all the time. He's still working ( construction) and suffering swollen knees,ankles,wrists...and his feet are so sore he can hardly hobble around. Has anyone used this drug? I keep trying to get him to see someone else, but he's so damn stubborn...Oh and can you all please say a little prayer that it'll get better thanks

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Hi there...I have Psoriatic Arthritis (very similiar..autoimmune disease). I was diagnosed about 5 yrs ago. For years prior I was given methotrexate(among other drugs as well)...it did NOTHING for me. I was in so much pain, had major swelling, and suffered fatigue. I finally found a different Rheumatologist and he prescribed Humira (self injections). Within 2 weeks I was almost back to the old me. I gained all my mobility back, swelling decreased, and got my energy back. As the months and years went on, it only got better. It wasn't until recently that he took me off because I got some kind of an infection (sinus/throat) that I was having trouble getting over. The Humira lowers your ability to fight infections, so he said I had to get off for awhile. It's actually been a month and a half that I've been off it and no signs. I'm praying to God it may have gone in remission.....as I'm dealing with my loved one with Cancer, it would be great to have myself healthy.

Humira is prescribed for Rheumatoid Arthritis also. Although my Rheumatologist said I have the PSA, he did not rule out that the RA could come later...dual diseases. I would suggest if he does not get any relief from this treatment, he ask his dr about these TNF Blockers such as Humira, Embrel, and Remicade. They have been life savers for many people. Sometimes remission is achieved.

He will do fine....just takes some time to find out what works. It's not an easy disease but it's better than the word cancer.

Let me know if I can help with anything else. This is highly treatable! Rest your mind...take steps that are needed further if he doesn't get better.

Also: I did not experience mouth sores with the Methotrexate(pill form) and I took 2.5 mg 4 times a week. I don't know how that dosage compares to what he was taking, but I only lost a little hair. Hardly noticable. But simply no relief from it.

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I can't give you any advice on this med....but man those are pretty harsh side effects ! Is this suppose to put the RA into a remission state ? I'm with you...stuborn man or not get him to another specialist kicking and screaming if you have too ! My prayers are with both of you ! I have pretty severe OA thru out my body but that's pittles compared to RA. Good luck, and keep us updated. Katie

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Sent it off with the post. Tell him to take is slow and low for a bit if at all possible.

Bless you Katie.


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Pam M
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Sorry that you all have more pain and fear on your plates. Hoping that he continues to be side-effect-free, and that his fatigue fades with the pain.

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They gave the same medicine to my mother for basically the same thing. She had terrible mouth sores, couldn't eat, very tired, no energy. She finally stopped taking the medicine and the mouth sores cleared up, some energy came back. My sister feels it hastened her death because she feels it affected her heart. But I don't know about that. They gave it to her about 5 months after by-pass surgery and her heart was weak already.

I would definitely get a second opinion.

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Just food for thought.... if you are exposed to ticks in your area, be aware of Bartonella, a tick-borne infection similar to Lyme but harder on the body and a little harder to treat and MUCH harder to detect. It's imperative to see a Bartonella-literate medical doctor.

The reason is that the doc who treated me (in Maryland)is a former rheumatologist and has found that a high percentage of his RA patients actually had Bartonellosis from the Bartonella bacteria. Some weren't even infected by ticks but by biting flies (such as a horse fly) and many by fleas.

There's a Bartonella@yahoogroups.com list if you want to post questions, etc.


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was getting him to a Dr. in the first place...now he won't look into something different...I love my man, but he is a MULE about things. My dad was no different when it came to getting medical attention...Here's how we got him to go to the Dr. when he broke a rib:

My two sisters and my mom were all fussing over him while he lay in bed...could hardly breath, and was obviously suffering...but no way in he** was he going to the Dr. My husband was watching all us "girls" and our fussing...and finally said "Ya know Sy, I'll bet you don't want to go to the hospital because you're not in enough pain." My dad said "BS, this hurts bad"...and he THEN allowed my mom to drive him up to the emergency room.

I'm sending a prayer that he'll decide his feet simply hurt too bad...and there might be relief at hand if he goes to another specialist...I can't imagine working construction and having all that pain in my feet, not to mention all the other joints.

You're a good caretaker, don't doubt yourself...some of us are more business like about it, but our empathy is there. My husband isn't a very sympathetic caretaker, but he was always THERE to help me out. He also made me laugh everyday even if it was an irreverant crack about my illness or my new appearance. When all my eyelashes fell out he started calling me turtle eye...LOL...I don't know why, but that just cracked me up.


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One of my sisters, in her early 50's, has been dealing with RA for several years. She doesn't complain much but I know it is painful for her. It has recently started affecting her feet as well. Not certain if it is the same for everyone but she does have periods where it does not flare up. She tries to exercise and hike when it is not flaring.

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