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I'm a ball of nerves

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Monday is the big surgery day and I'm nervous. Doctor said that the tumor did shrink but we are still going for the colostomy it would be for the best. I had the markings done
yesterday. About to eat a meal before doing the all clear liquids tomorrow. Please pray for me and my family as we travel into this unknown area of life. Anybody that have had this surgery or close to it please tell me what I can expect.He said that he was gonna remove rectum. Thanks in advance to a great group of people.

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March 2010 I had similar surgery and have had a colostomy since then.

After surgery while in hospital they will want to have you walking as soon as possible and to see output from the colostomy. The intestines kinda 'go on strike' because they have been messed with. Ask your doc if you can chew gum, as it is supposed to help wake up the gut again.

Once home the best advice is to not over do and particularly don't do any lifting over a few pounds. The better you mind your manners at the start the less potential issues for hernia later.

I had IV pain meds in hospital and came home with pill meds but found that I was soon able to manage without. The staples I had on major incesion pulled and I was glad to get them out.

I also found that sleeping in a recliner helped to relieve stress on the tummy in the beginning. An extra pillow in the seat also gave some comfort. Later I graduated by to the bed. I am a tummy sleeper and use a body pillow to help elevate the ostomy side just a bit.

I was advised to take in lots of protein to aid healing. I did small portions a number of times a day at first. I also did Boost with protein, a small glass several times a day.

As you navigate having a colostomy, please feel free to ask any questions you have on the subject and those of us with an ostomy will try to help.

Wishing you much success with your surgery,

Marie who loves kitties

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Hi there. I had my rectum removed and an iliostomy performed. You will be fine, what you will come to realize, is just how many folks are living happy, productive lives with their colostomys and iliostomys for all kinds of reasons...even children! It's a whole world out there you don't even realize exsisted! Wayyyy better than the alternative I say. It takes time to adjust to an ostomy, there is a learning curve but jump right in and take care of it yourself, utilize your wound ostomy nurses. ( regular nurses try...but don't know all the tricks) so make sure you have appointments with a wound ostomy nurse to get oriented and with any on going questions and concerns. The surgery.....hmm. I don't remember any out and out pain because of the drugs. I am not big on meds...but i took em then! make sure to get a perscription for valium. I am pretty high strung and valium helps relax your muscles which is important while you heal. One mistake I made was holding tension in my butt muscles after surgery. Valium helped relax me more...although to tell you the truth, i barely noticed a difference...everyone's different but make sure you have some sort of muscle relaxer to help. Ok, will be thinking of you!

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Prayers on the way for a successful surgery on Monday. Take note of the warnings on lifting as I'm going in for surgery on Monday for several hernias plus ab repair. Had a temporary ileostomy and that will just become your new normal. Wishing you a very speedy recover and let us know how you are doing.


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I had my rectum removed a year ago this month on the 15. I started with the DaVinci robotic but due to scar tissue from previous c-sections I ended up having the cut down my stomach. I also ended up having a hysterectomy done at the same time. Surgery went well for me. I had them remove the pain pump two days after surgery. I stopped using it the day after so it was unnecessary. My surgeon recommended Tylonal after we removed the pump and when I left the hospital. I had a temp ileostomy loop for 11 months and adjusted well. Having an ostomy became normal quickly and I learned I could change it anywhere. Could change it in a public bathroom stall if needed. I always carried an extra bag just in case. For me it was a quick easy change process but I know people who make it a long process and lay something on the floor etc. You will find the right routine for you. I learned that an ostomy is not as bad as I thought it would be. I was approved to go back to work in three to four weeks after my rectum removal / hysterectomy but decided to take 6 weeks since Christmas was coming and my job takes 10 days off over Christmas. I decided to enjoy the holidays not working. My biggest issue is that I had no appetite so I had to force myself to eat. My surgeon recommended eating my protein first so I got enough protein. It took me awhile to be actually hungry. At first with my ostomy I wore clothes that were a size to big but learned I could wear my right size. I live in jeans when not working and wore them normally. The past year since my surgery has gone quickly. There have been some interesting times with the chemo and a few hospital stays but I am currently in remission and things are going well. Right now my life is back to normal. Just remember our bodies are all different so make sure you run all questions by your doctors who know your case the best. Good luck with your surgery.

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is the surgery my husband Pat had last Jan. The previous posts have excellent tips on recovery. I also found that a small pillow held to his midsection, gave him a lot of comfort. His recovery took almost 6 weeks till he felt good enough to start everyday activities.

Most importantly, a good ostomy nurse to get you started. There are a lot of products out there, so try many (send for free samples) to see what works best for you. Pat and I both agree that his colostomy has been a blessing. His surgeon has discussed the possibility that it may one day be reversed. But, Pat is not sure he even wants to go down that path. That is how much his quality of life has improved with the colostomy.

All the best to you with your surgery and take care,


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Just wanted to say I was thinking of you and hoped all went well today.

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Hope today's surgery went well. Once you're feeling well enough we would love to know how you are doing.


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