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Hello, I was diagnosed with DSFP Nov 6, 2012. What I thought was a scar turned out to be DSFP. I noticed it 3 years ago and it changed and had another spot beside it so I went to the Dermatologist. I am waiting on a referral to a MOHS surgeon and hope for a good out come. I found a great support group on facebook but all the pictures have scared me to death!I don't know what to expect and feel helpless.

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Hi Sandy, sorry to hear of your diagnosis, I know just how you are feeling, I to had gone for a skin check and asked the Dr.if he could remove two small annoying lumps that were just under my left breast. He said sure,but let's do a biopsy first.
That was in June this year. I was his 2nd ever DFSP case.
Fast forward to now, ...I had Mohs surgery (in Sept)and my scar is looking really good its about 5inches long.
So please don't stress(not to much anyway) I had 1 lump for nearly 15years and ignored the 2nd one for two yrs. I don't know if.you have read my other posts, but I can tell you I was feeling very scared and a bit lonely because although I know people who have had cancer none had DFSP. but this site helped as there are some great survival stories and I did get some replies. I don't go on Facebook so I.haven't seen or read whats there. But please don't think the worst is going to happen to you. Every one is so different. As.long as you are comfortable with your Dr.and He/She answers all your questions then your going to be fine. Mohs surgery was not half ad bad as I though it would be (my Dr.gave me a small amount of.valium and lots of local anesthetic so I didn't feel a thing). He did have to go a bit deeper to get clear margins(it was in my fat tissue) but overall it wasn't that much. It sounds like you have found yours early and it Is a slow growing cancer compared to others, so please stay positive. I'll be thinking of you
Kind regards
&best wished Nat.

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