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CT results and shingles update

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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I had a CT scan last Monday...the initial reading was compared to an older (june) scan instead of the more recent one in August. So it took a while to get complete results.

Got the email from the onc...."stable, maybe slight improvement". Two of the lymph nodes are .2mm smaller, the rest remain unchanged. So we will continue the current chemo and do another scan in about 3 months. I will get excited when that scan also shows improvement. In the meantime, I am calmly. cautiously thinking 'good news'.

Shingles update...I continue to have lots of nerve activity (tingling, numbness, and 'electrical pulses') around my left eye. Any pain I have been mostly able to manage with tylenol and advil. still taking gabepentin for the nerves. The eye itself continues to be a problem, it stays dilated, the lids are still a little swollen, and the white part is always bloodshot. Another appt with the eye doc on Monday....

But...the eye has improved enough that I am able to drive again. I'm so happy to have some independence back, and to take some tasks off my husband's plate!

Thank you all for all the prayers and good wishes! I couldn't do this without the wonderful people here.



New Flower
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It is considered as good news. I know we all want to have NED coming back and he will. Please be patient . I am happy to see you on recovery path.

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My scan stated the same thing and I took it as great, wonderful news. Better a re instead of pro in from of gression. I no longer look for NED but I am happy with the stable boy and his pal Regression.

I have uveitis (autoimmune disease) and sometimes the white of my eye are extremely bloodshot. People give me strange looks. My eye specialist told me that it's the drops that cause it and to ignore it. I hope your states the same thing though you have shingles and not uveitis.

Driving means so much to all of us and when we can't, we feel deprive. Wishing you the a good appointment with your eye doctor.



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Sorry to hear that you have residual problems from the shingles. But such good news about your scans. Thank goodness for email and that you have an oncologist who understands how hard it is to wait for these reports. Thanks for the update. xoxoxo Lynn

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maybe slightly improved -- good news indeed. Dancing with 'NED' is just around the
corner. Prayers for continued success, improvement coming out to you dear Linda -- DAILY.

Shingles .. grrrr -- which they would 'go away, and never return'. Your eye -- so
unfortunate...positive vibes your eye doctor provides relief -- permanently.

You have shown what grace under all this pressure... so honored to know you, Linda. independence back ...

Fingers crossed that you are once more the Linda/Mom/Wife known to family, and community.

Vicki Sam

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and I'm so happy you can drive again--what a difference that makes. Sorry your shingles is giving your eye so much grief. I can't imagine how painful that is. Hoping your eye doctor has some magic dust to sprinkle into it and make it all better.

Now get in that car and drive, girl. But not just errands--take yourself out for something fun. You've more than earned it.

Hugs, Renee

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