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Today is the beginning of a new outlook !

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Hey everyone !
I wanted to thank you each personally for the responses I received on the news from yesterday. I took Ditto's advice and grieved enough to throw it to the back of the bus and out the back door ! I'm going to visit with family today and maybe out to the casino. Got some great info for my team on types of treatments that work for ACC mets. Soooo now time to kick some butt and look forward to the HOLIDAYS ! Have a fantastic wk. end everyone ! Will be thinking of you all ! Katie

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You have a wonderful time with your family, and I hope you get some winnings at the casino.


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Yes, you are a fighter....don't give up. I know how hard it must be and I truly wish none of us were here fighting this cancer. I will be thinking and praying for you. Enjoy your weekend.


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live some life today...then back in the fight, we got your back girl....

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Hey everyone !
Had a blast...and won a bit too ! But not enough to give out any loans lol ! My sister is my best friend and is having such a hard time with my health issues. I told them NO frowns, only smiles and positives ! What a wonderful relaxing day ! Katie

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Fun and laughter with family, what a beautiful day! May God bless you with lots more just like today.

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You tell her we care for her too.

I'll see you at your 101st B-day girl! :)


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I'm so happy for you that you lift your head up and keep on going! Amazing!! You have all my support!

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Hi Katie,

Nice to hear you are feeling (outlook) better. If you want to thank me personally there is a nice casino a hop skip and a jump away, where we could meet.

Feel better, get better!



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And yes you will do just as you said, take it for what it is, take care of business, and enjoy the holiday season. Glad I read your post right now as i am enetring my 12 day period of feeling like crap and whining.

You will perservere, and all of us will help to see to it.


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