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I know I do not post often but I read a lot and pray daily for everyone!! I have posted a few times. I am here for my sister who was dx with stage 4 breast cancer with mets to the brain on Feb 1, 2012. She has been on Arimidex ever since her craniotomy and her breast tumor shrunk by half. Here we are 9 months later and saw the onc today for recent brain MRI and CT chest/abd results. He said that the breast tumor is growing again and the tumor bed in her brain is showing evidence of new growth as well. He said the Arimidex is not working and she will now be taking Xeloda. Just wondering if anyone can shed some light on this treatment? Anything will be great!!! Thank you all for caring!! With love, Traci

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I have been on this Chemo, Xeloda, for full four months now. I am on 3000mg per day, my regiment one week on, one week off.
Xeloda is a very reasonable Chemo drug for me. My side effects include fatigue (usually at the end of the cycle), dry skin, eye irritation, which is manageable by prescription generic eye drops Torbamicine, constipation ( I am taking Colace for it), occasionally muscules cramps (I am given med for it) and need to drink much more, extra 4 - 6 glasses of liquids, especially during hot days
What I like about Xeloda that I am taking it at home twice a day. We monitor WBC once a month. Still have my hair, however eye lashes are gone. I have been working full time, while taking occasionally Wednesday off.
I also did a genetic testing prior to taking it which is recommended by manufacture of this drug. if you go on FDA website you can search and download a full label for this drug.
I am not sure weather or not it will help with brain progression, however it should stop beast and other tumors growth.
wishing you and your sister the best. keep us posted we do care
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Xeloda was the first chemo we tried when my triple neg IBC went to stage IV. I was on 3000mg/day (1500 am and 1500pm) two weeks on, one week off. It is an oral medication, pills you take at home. Side effects for me were also pretty easy, I was working full time and able to keep up with that schedule.

The hard part for me was mental/emotional. Chemo poison, when I was stage III, was given to me by a nurse. The Xeloda poison I was giving to myself...that was a little difficult for a while. I kept reminding myself that it was killing the cancer, which would surely kill me if I did nothing. That got me over the mental/emotional hurdle.

I am so sorry your sister's test results were not good. Stage IV certainly comes with it's ups and downs...I look forward to reading some 'ups' soon. Please let us know how she is doing.



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My husband was on Xeloda (along with Oxaliplatin IV) for Esophageal Cancer. He was on a 2weeks on/1 week off cycle for 5 months. Be sure your sister stays very well hydrated. Once you get behind, you can't catch up just by drinking more. My husband had to go in twice to get fluids IV.

I hope it works well for her.


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Good Morning Traci, glad you found us :). I was on Xeloda for about 6 months. Here's what I remember, hope this helps.
I had to take really good care of my hands and feet, it's called hand and foot syndrom.
I also remember having lots of loose stools, I lost a lot of weight.
I called xeloda the 5000.00 laxitive, hehehe
My hair continued to grow, and it grew back so nice and thick, and curly, it was amazing, and then taken from me agaiin. Part of the ride :(
If you like, you can pm me and I'll get my old planner out that has symptoms i was having written in it. Anything I can do, please ask
Miles of Love,

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