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Abscess and infection

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7 weeks to the day of my double mastectomy I had to go back in to surgery. I developed severe swelling and was in a lot of pain. PS felt he needed to go back in and clean things up. He found I had an abscess. We also removed my expanders and will revisit reconstruction at a later date. Although tramatic this is the best I have felt in weeks. The PS said if we hadn't discovered the abscess until my final implant it would have probably been a real issue. Now the goal is to heal quickly so that I can get going on my chemo. I am curious if anyone else has had a similar problem. Thanks all

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I had completed my fillings in my expanders and was 10 days away from having my exchange surgery when I developed an infection and had to have my expanders removed.. it was almost as bad as having the mastectomy all over again for me. My oncologist has suggested that I not have reconstruction surgery because I am triple neg, and because of the infections I have had...10 days after my expanders were removed, I developed appendicitis which ruptured before surgery and a week after that I had several abscess in my abdomen and had to have a drain put in to get that infection out! So I am a little concerned about going back for reconstruction.. I don't see my PS unti January to discuss it. Right now, I am happy to be alive after all of this and don't really care about not having boobs. I enjoy not wearing a bra and fighting back fat :) But I am sure I will think differently in a few months and wish I looked better.
Good luck to you and Stay strong!!

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I did not have this problem, but I just wanted to say that I am so sorry that you are going through this. It sounds very painful and you sound as if you have handled it so well.

Because my tumor was so large, I was told that I was not a candidate for implants. I had reconstruction using a flap from my abdomen. Years later, I had a second preventive mastectomy and chose to do another free flap reconstruction using my right buttock as a flap. I just personally did not want an implant. Longer recovery, but have never had another problem and my first reconstruction was in 1988!

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