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The good, the bad, the ugly or rants from a survivor

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The good: was having scans be NED on 10/29/12.
The bad: woke up on 11/1/12 and my hearing was gone, it has been declining since my rhabdomyasarcoma cancer in 1978 and have worn hearing aids for past 20 years so went to ENT and had tests done pretty much deaf(damn ears ain't functioning). Doc says probably from all the chemo and rads over the years, so will just have to adjust. Will start learning sign language and go from there.
The ugly: I have been having much more pain in neck area lately as well as more mucus coughing up, and had tracheotomy back in April so lot of secretion from that. Went to my Oncologist on 11/5/12 and found out I have pneumonia in lungs so got meds for that, also put me on fentanyl patches for the pain as well as oxycodone. The doc also got me a nebulizer to break down the fluids better.
Am doing much better after meds start kicking in, so now trying to recover and get back to normal-whatever that is?
Sorry for rants but had get it out of system, I hope others are doing well as just trying to catch up on latest post.

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Hi Vikeman10,

Let er rip, nothing better than to speak to people that understand your situation. This is the only group that understands the taste bud problem. While I don’t have the issues you do I am still waiting to lose my big toe nail due to Erbitux (I have heard and learned).

Sometimes hearing anything from someone lets us know they are still kicking. Most importantly you scanned NED, which is great news.

Keep moving forward buddy.



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go for it! We've all had days where ranting is the only relief.


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You know somedays just simply stink don't they ? I have other friends that have the issue with hearing loss....and I will check back with them on a new hearing device their using. No I'm not selling anything ! This goes behind the ear....and theirs was from rads too. Pnuemonia seems to be a constant with a few of us here...it's rough to get through ! I'm sorry you're having it sooo rough right now. Remember you're not alone in this...let's keep each other up hunh ? Hoping for better days for us all ! Katie

I'll pm you if I can find that hearing device.

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