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Results back sooner....dang !

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Hello guys and gals,
It was almost this time a year ago last time I got crappy news. MRI/CT was good news in the H/N area I'm still considered stable disease. (meaning they cannot tell me if the dx is microscopic...but can tell me it's not growing) I recieved this news on Tuesday...but didn't want to share it til the PET/CT was back and the tumor board had met. Well I now have been told a small nodual they had been watching is growing fast in my left lung. So they will schedual me with their Thorasic team early next week...and then I make the decission on what to do with the information. They want to remove it asap. ACC is a little difficult to deal with in the lungs. I have been told it is very invasive when it starts to met. I will be doing research thru my other site that deals with ACC and mets, and what options are available. I have been a fighter all my life...and I want to stay brave and do whatever it takes. But saying this quality of life is a BIG deal in my world too. I know most of you are dealing with different dx's....but are such an inspiration, so everyone I'm gonna need you to shove me thru this one. I'm not gonna lie...I'm terrified. Damn I didn't want to miss the holidays this year....sometimes I wonder why, when there's hope abounding around us. You have become my confidonts...my friends...part of my family. Thank you ! Katie

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to hear the news. If I may just say I simply agree with you, I would be scared, pissed off (sorry), frustrated etc. But hold on to what you said, you have been a fighter all your life, so no reason to stop now. I cannot offer any technical comments about your dx, but I can sure pray for you and your family as we all will be doing. But for now go thru the grieving, but then grab that fighting spirit you have and kick this beast butt.

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Well as I was posting this the ENT called me back also...I lite up on the same side of surgery and a mass is there also and for sure one lymph by the mastoid....love it. So if they keep me in hosp. for the tumor removal in lung I will insist on the biopsy of the head area. Damn cancer...sorry I don't wish to affend anyone ! Katie

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Godspeed and may He hold you in His arms and carry you through this part of your journey.

And I agree -- damn cancer! Hang in there, Girl.


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Damn it! Stay with your fighter attitude and be as positive as you can...I know you can do this! I don't blame you for being scared but as my friend who fought this battle before me said to me when I was so scared, "we don't think negative thoughts we instead think happy positive thoughts that will kill those damn cancer cells...cancer hates happy thoughts"
It may sound silly but I constantly tried to remind myself of this during all of my tough times and it really helped.
Keep us posted on this, your newest journey.

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Hi Katie,

I am sorry to hear your latest report, this stuff sucks. I have valued your perspective on each of our dx and the humanity you’ve demonstrated when some of us became less nice in our reactions to blatantly difficult threads.

I hope your treatment path will fix you up for some smooth sailing. Sending you all the best from the west coast.

Best always,


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Hi, Katie. I was in a similar boat this time last year.

After having mouth & lymph node (neck dissection)surgeries, chemo and radiation in 2011, it still showed up in my right lung in Nov. 2011. This was found via biopsy and "interventional radiologist". He offered to do "ablation" - just frying it off in an out patient procedure. Is that an option for you? My onc instead recommended surgery. So I had 30% of my right lung removed Dec. 20 and walked as soon as I could to succeed in getting home on Christmas Eve - that's when we celebrate. Yes, it was a major surgery and 10 months later I feel 100% fine. No decreased lung capacity.

Hang in there girl, you might be home for Christmas :-)

- Sonja

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sorry for the news most of of fear so much, recurrance...Just know we weill be here to support you and love you through which ever decisions you and your health care team make.
Maybe not the right post for this but I learned early on that if there is recurrance for me, I will never do another chemo or radiation, it was too hard and I lost everything. I still have 5 radiations to go to be done with treatment, and my prognosis looks good, but that is with a flashlight and some manipulation of the nodes....time will tell, but I just can't live counting the minutes since I have last been nauseated, in portions of an hour.

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Damn, damn, damn!!! Ah Katie....I'm feeling with and for you on the Dx...I know I'd be scared, too....and I feel scared for you. Then I read Sonja's post and thought, ok...being scared is normal, and can be overcome...then the fight kicks in. This is a hurdle...it's not for sissies for sure, but it's just that...a hurdle and YOU have the attitude and the guts to get past it.

I've grown very close to you thru this board...I feel like you're my friend, and my confidant...and you're wonderful sense of humor has lifted me many times. We are here for you, just as you've been here for us. I'm holding you close in my heart, and tucking you deep into my pocket. God will give you what you need to get thru this...and we'll be there as his backup's.

Hugs sweet lady...there are times I wish we all lived closer to one another.


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Just read your post. We are here for you and yes, I do NOT like this disease.

So many great stories on here. You have encouraged me and made me laugh often with your posts. I feel as if you are family.

I am praying for you...wish so badly I could do more and make it all go away......but I'm sticking to prayer :)

Whispered one as I posted this!



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said, I second~~~I'm at a loss for anything else, this evil beast just keeps stunning me

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I think damn is okay to say on here...trust me, I've said worse about this beast!

Please be sure of all the positive thoughts and prayers coming your way.

Kick ***! (oops!)


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I know the feeling to be told this and especially right around the holidays. But remember we are fighters and we are strong because we have each other to lean on. What ever you decide know that my prayer are there with you. God bless


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Tonsil Dad
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Hi Katie,
It hurts each and everyone of us on here when we hear
that one of our "Family" has been delt a bad hand but as
everyone will say we are here for unconditional support
and inspiration. I pray and hope for the best possible
outcome whatever you decide to do, miracles do happen
and its about time you got one.....have faith and try to stay
positive ( I know it must be hard ) but you ain't going nowhere
soon only to spend time with your wonderful family.

God bless
Tonsil dad,


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My thoughts and prayers go out to you, with the right attitude you can destroy the beast. I know it is frustrating and difficult to deal with, but you have all the support in the world from the friends at this site. Sending some of my fighting spirit your way, stay positive and take care.

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I'm really sorry to hear about your PET results. I wish you the wisdom and the strength to make the right choices. We'll always be here for you. Much love.


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I am so sorry you are having to deal with this especially around the holidays. This damn cancer doesn't take a break and doesn't have any regard for who we are as individuals. I personally have to say I am so glad I have been able to meet you and learn from you. Your attitude and fight helps me to know it's possible to keep going. Thank you.

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that you just can't relax finally and say that it is gone. But your attitude and strength will endure this too. Your kind words and positive thinking has always lifted me up and I wish that you can feel this from all of us here now. Just keep on going, don't stop fighting! I believe that the body can heal itself better with a strong and happy person wearing it. I'm thinking and praying for you!

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You take time to think rationally, and like you said, lut all of us shove you forward. You will hit this head on and we will carry you across the goal line.

Prayers and positive thoughts from my family to yours.


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Prayers coming your way....you can do this!

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Katie, Sonja, Tim:
I may be on the same road. Will know after a repeat CAT in a couple of weeks. My last PET/CAT showed 7 new lung nodules. However, my medical oncologist said in my case, there will be no cure. I think he implied only palliative chemo. That's why I get down from time to time.

But you guys seem to be getting options. Perhaps it's because you have a single (or just two) nodules while mine are just all over the place. I'm trying to figure out who (what professional) to ask and what questions to ask.

But I should not hijack your thread. I'll soon start one of my own.

I can keep positive most of the day, meeting my little challenges. The challenges we all face. But at night, fear/anxiety raises its head and makes it hard to sleep. Rick.

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Met up with you on the other board. We are in very similar situations my friend. Palliative care does NOT mean we are going anywhere real soon ! It just means we beat the beast back differently. Please Rick let's keep one another moving ahead...we have no other choice ! I know you will get the answers you're looking for...and if I can be of any help I AM HERE ! Sending you all positives ! Katie

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You can count on all of us to give you the boot, "shoving" you through the door when you need a little motivation.

You don't even have to ask, you know we are here for you and in your corner....

In my thoughts and prayers,

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