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I'm new to the group

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I went in for an MRI to check for spinal stenosis when they found two spots on my right kidney. Went back for an ultra sound and then a CT. Decided to have surgery on Oct. 4 2012. Opted for the davinci (robotic) surgery which is quite amazing. The doctor sat at a console approximately 10 feet away from a six arm robot to do the actual surgery. One of the spots was a benign cyst and the other was a malignant tumor about 2cm in size. The doctor was able to get all of the tumor and I have completely clean margins all around the site of the tumor. I have to follow-up once a year for 5 years but do not have to have chemo or radiation. I have had two follow-up visits since the surgery and my white cell count is well within the normal range. I am so happy and feel so fortunate. I attribute my feelings to have a successful surgery, a great support group and a lot of help from God. If anyone is interested in more details just drop me a line.

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We never hear too many reports like yours. Congratulations and thank you for sharing fantastic news to kick off the weekend. You're a walking testimonial to the advantage of early detection.

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The scariest part is over. Being told you have Cancer is not fun. Being told you have to have surgery is not fun. You are now in the shoes of at least 1/2 of us who had the surgery before the tumor got too big and barring something unlikely you have been cured and should lead a normal life. Keep your blood pressure as close to 120/80 as possible and watch your GFR numbers for Kidney function as that naturally decreses with only 1 kidney. The concern is not so much Kidney failure, but the fact that when your kidney function is lower it can effect your heart down the road.


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