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"Could a Puff a Day - Keep the Cancer at Bay?"

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"High" or Hello

With Colorado and Washington ‘legalizing’ marijuana, there have been many articles proliferating the internet discussing its merits.

What’s really interesting is that both of these states approached it from the “Recreational” angle, instead of the “Medicinal” avenue, whose dispensaries reside in some of the more progressive states of our union.

From a medical standpoint, I found something very interesting. It was about marijuana’s
ability to control inflammation in the colon as well as inhibiting tumor growth. And also inducing tumor cell death (apoptosis) and such…

It goes on to explain its role with several other cancers as well.

Granted, the research and studies were done on mice models…

But, I’m thinking there is a lot of good information in here…and for me, the hypothesis could sure explain quite a few possibilities…it certainly makes some sense.

If only the stigma could be removed, there is a large control group in the population already conducting their own experiments:)

How useful some of that information could be used if there was a safe environment where the data could not be used against those that volunteered the information. But the risks of disclosure and the ramifications of such an action surely preclude many from stepping into the spotlight.

And that's a shame...

While it may not be a panacea for cancer, it sounds like it might hold some promise in some areas of research. And I’m sure we are going to hear more on this topic as time goes by…and some if it could be very beneficial down the road.

There’s a ton of stuff out there, but I just selected this one from the NCI Insitute…


And one from the U.K. where they also doing research…


Just wanted to share…I think we might be on to something here…the efficacies look they might be derived from “In Vitro” delivery as opposed to smoking or eating it as far as cancer cell death and inhibiting metastasis.

Anyway, it will be interesting to hear about this research as the trials progress.

“Tune In – And Turn On.”

Have a good day.

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I think i might try this, the science is promising and it might be fun.

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I always find it interesting that we permit the sale and distribution of cigs and drinking alcohol, which appear to have no redeeming effects whatsoever, and yet will ban mary jane which has proved to be so benificial to so many medical conditions.

It just seems to be an old prejudice. Banning it can't be because it is adictive...like cigs. Banning it can't be because it makes you high...like glue and aresol huffing.

I personally beleive it should be available to all for medical use.

Still on the fence about the recreational part.

Marie who loves kitties

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I have always climed to be an "accidental tourist" of cancer. I believe that pure blind luck has played a major role in my survival. My surgeon described my cancer as 'frightfully aggressive'. The chemo I was on was believed to work best and to some extent only on "frightfully' aggresive cancer. My immune system should have been wiped out by the chemo. My blood tests showed no drop whatsoever in any of my readings everything remained normal. At the time I developed and was treated for ca I was constantly on non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Research has shown that nsaids may help to stop mets. To protect me from the nsaids I took Tagamet(cimetidene) for years also believed to help avoid mets.I have been treated for cholesterol for half of my life. A recent Danish study has shown that Statins appear to have the same results on mets. Years ago I had a long glucose tolerance test that included insulin levels. At two hours insulin levels are supposed to have returned to around 20 mm per litre,mine were around 290mm per litre so I was put on metformin and yes it to has shown in research to help prevent recurrance of crc.
MJ is probably the only thing that I have not tried but I can remember talking to a Pakistani chemest after one doctors visit during chemo and he extolled the virtues of MJ in just about every possibly form,pills,salves ect ect ,he believed it was a miracle drug and that it had always been used in Pakistan for all manner of ills.
I don't know and will probably never know if all or some of those drugs are the reason that I am still ca free after all these years. I really do believe tho that it would have been in the interest of some researcher to actually make contact with me after all these years and ask a few questions . Ron.

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"Smokers may fare worse after colorectal surgery"..........Another reason to quit tobacco

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I am definitely interested in this research. Often thought about marijuana's medicinal use.

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