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Autonomy vs. Auto, not me

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A year ago I'd bought an older model RV with the intention of traveling the country in between treatments. That's just not feasible anymore, so I'm going to sell it. What I'm debating now is if I should buy a car or not. Currently, a bit more than half of the time I'm just not fit to drive because of the chemo so I have to get rides to the store from either my father or my sister. When I can drive, my dad is very willing to let me use his car when I want. Normally, I don't mind the situation all that much, but it would be nice to have something other than a motorcycle for store runs etc. I just can't decide if I should go with the current situation or get my own car that would spend about 3/4 of the time parked. Reckon that I should add that it really chaps my hide when I have to wait several hours for my sis to give me a ride to the store and then she takes over an hour inside while it would take me about 15 minutes.

Any thoughts are appreciated.

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If you live where there is public transportation, then I would just rely on that and the motorcycle. If not, I would get the car if finances allow. I'm very independent, where I live now I need a car.

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Sounds like you answered your own question with that last sentence. Freedom of having your own car means a lot to me. When I am feeling good, the ability to walk out the door and go where I want when I want makes me feel almost normal again. I say get that car and no more waiting on anyone.
Sandy :)

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Well, it sounds like you will have the transportation issues regardless of ownership, if you must rely on your sis when not up to driving.

Have you checked with the American Cancer Society to check out organizations in your area who would get you to the store and back, on your terms?

If having your own car would tempt you to use it when not really up to it due to chemo, then I have to say don't get it...yet.

If it will make you feel more idependent and self-sufficient, then go for it.

As usually, no easy answer...just offering things to consider.


Marie who loves kitties

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Time to get 4 wheels. It will be available when you need it and rain or shine.

Best Always, mike

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Will your Sis still give you rides (at the times when you need them) if you have your own car? If so, I agree with Sandy and Mike.

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