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Surgeon APPT Wed what do I ask?

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I had mammo/ultrasound 2 wks ok-patholgoy came back "OK" but Must see a surgeon (radiologist thinks they missed something-unsure what that means)

so off to surgeon next wed after lunch:

what should I ask?

I had Lumpectomy 4 yrs ago-could be just 'scar tissue' could be something esle. Any thoughts? (of questions)


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I would contact the radiologist for more information. I'm not sure what you can ask. Here are some possibilities: You will want to know what your options are. It sounds like you may need a biopsy of the scar tissue. Will it be core needle? Will all the scar tissue be removed, or just a sample? How long until you get the results?

Just want you to know I'm thinking of you. xoxoxo Lynn

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I had the biospy Oct 26...came back OK but said I still need surgery to remove the spot they biopsied already.

My husband was suppose to go but just got called down to L.I. to help with sandy..he's been in Ct all week. My friend was going to go along-but she is very ill and can't go. So I am going alone-now I want to make sure I have a list of questions-so IF I get off track I can look at list.

THANKS LYNNE for reply

I am missing my grandsons big vetrans concert..the ONLY appt I could get was same time. (so his mom is going) and my other daughter mid terms or prep in college...JUST bad timing all the way around. hehe lol


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to get everything out and checked (as they did with me.) The pathology of one of my lumps in the core biopsy was benign, but of a type that sometimes "carries" questionable tissue around it. Fortunately, it turned out that everything in my excisional biopsies/lumpectomy was benign.

Ask what they are looking for, requirements of the surgery, recovery time. For me, the surgeon felt pretty confident going in that everything was benign, and she was right. I hope for the same for you.


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MY Dr said he feels it's change in scar tissue from lumpectomy. Just the kind of person I am I can not wait and see. He aslo said it could be DCIS again-but said he will not touch my lymph nodes. (which makes me feel at bit better-he feels NO reason to do so)

Thanks for the reply..

Wed Nov 28 surgery...booked..


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