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Doxil? Well, I think I'm losing my mind. Third attempt about new drug

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From another board, I have learned that the drug my dr. plans to try next is Doxil. What can anyone tell me about it? Did you have success with it? My recurrence is all lymph node involvement.



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Hi Carla. I just had my first Doxil yesterday. The doc explained you can get a rash on palms of hands and soles of feet. They put ice packs under each arm ,and one on each leg at the groin area. The cause is friction. You must take cool showers, no hot tubs, etc. keep your feet up, drink cold drinks, suck on ice chips, etc. I am sure they will go over all that with you. Mine will be once a month along with Avastin. My ca125 is way too high at 3800 . My platelets did come up to 79. My onc said go for it. We have to because I feel my back is up against the wall. We have to find something that works. I am really praying for this combo.. Praying for us all daily. Xoxo Jackie

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Hi Carla,
I was on Doxil. I was doing ok with it but then it stopped working for me. I am now on Topotecan. I had about 6 treatments of Doxil. I did experience some of the side effects. I had a rash and the Dr had me use Lotrimin topical lotion and he gave me a prescription talcum powder. Both helped out with the rash. There was another lady at the Cancer Center that was being treated with Doxil at the same time I was. She had some of the common side effects and her Dr lowered her dose. She is doing really well on Doxil. I hope it works well for you. Sending good thoughts and positive energy to you! Let us know how it goes for you.

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