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PEG Tube

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Told I can not eat the day I get my Pet tube in. Do any of you know when you can start eating again and if there are any restrictions. I have a men's breakfast the next day should I cancel?

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Hi Joesph,

I had no restrictions placed on eating. If you enjoy food, then dig in. Of course even when not in (food) use my PEG was flushed twice a day with water.

So, I would not cancel, if anything I would share your new friend with them (kidding).



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I didn't feel like eating...my PEG caused some cramping, and I just didn't feel good. If you feel like eating tho, I'd eat.


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D Lewis
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Of course, I wasn't swallowing solid food at that point. I started pouring liquid food down the tube as soon as I woke up from the anesthesia/amnesia meds.


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I'm not sure why your dr told you that? Now I know I couldn't eat before the procedure due to anesthesia but afterwards there was no orders like that. However in my case I was already so sore in my throat at that point so I was just ready to use my tube, it had been days since I'd eaten and I was starving!
Maybe you should ask the dr one more time and make sure about the eating thing. Good luck to you.

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I had Ensure down mine within 10 minutes of getting home. Of course I had to get pneumonia the next day and then spent seven more days in the hospital but had Ensure there as well.

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