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Ring around the Collar

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I am now about 12 weeks out since last RAD, just wondered if anyone has what I would describe as a feeling of a sunburn but nothing like right after rads, it seems to be just at the base of my neck and it goes all away aroung the neck. I notice it more when I turn my head and although its mild it feels like a sunburn. I will see my RAD Doc tommorrow so he will likely offer an opinion but I find you folks have been there done that so I would toss it out on the blog. As others have said minor issue amongst bigger issues that others are dealing with, but we all can get something from these questions and answers. Thanks

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D Lewis
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The skin on my lower face and neck and chest are still darkened from the radiation treatments of 2 1/2 years ago. I do notice discomfort around my neck, usually when I'm wearing a collar or necklace that moves against my skin. I still slather on the aloe, sunblock and moisturizer at least twice daily.


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It's going to take awhile for your skin to get some elasticity back in it... Dry, tight, burned abused skin & tissue.....

You can try some lotions and skin softening products, that might help, but like most all of the rest, time heals most all wounds.


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...I think the time element depends on how your skin reacted in the first place...I did pretty good during rads with only one time where things got dicey with cracks and peeling....and that happened right when the rad machine broke down for three days....I ended up going 5 days without treatment...and I think that saved my bacon. There are still rough patches on my neck that feel like rough leather, but I can only "feel" that with my fingers.


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Don't remember the mild pain that far out ... :) Mine was still hurting ....I'm jealous (jk).

I did not have what you do ...but I did have really tight and stiff skin in the lower part of my neck ....now my wife says I have "baby soft" skin all around my neck...she likes to rub it from time to time it's so soft ...he he ...good for me :)

Hope you get some good info from the doc tomorrow.



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Saw the Rad Doc today and he said its not unusual to still feel the sensation I described, should go away in the next 10 to 20 years..... and they charge you to hear their humor. other than that I passed the AHHHHHH test he said everything looked to be where it belonged, see him again in 60 days.

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