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finally healing!!

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Finally starting to heal up from bilateral mastectomy 6wks ago, did have a rupture in suture line that will probably be healed by the time i go back to surgeon. Got to go see my dad, hard trip by myself but well worth it. I can't say enough good about this site, when talking to my extended family they were impressed by how knowlegdable i'd become, well living it makes you that way, but i do give most of credit to all the brave women and men here, thanks again jan

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Glad to hear you're doing well. I agree on this site, I too have learned soooo much. I wish I knew years ago the things I know now....true in so many ways. I think I would have been a better person and more supportive, but such is life. We move forward educated, stronger, and better!

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Very happy that you're healing and that you got the chance to go see your Dad!

Hugs, Jan

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I am so glad to hear you are healing up!!!And am especially glad you got out to see your dad!! How was the visit?

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