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Who was treated successfully for liver metastases with chemotherapy alone?

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Hi everyone - ok so I am losing my mind ... I can't remember under which thread, but I recently read a post by a member who was successfully treated for her liver mets with chemotherapy alone and has been in remission since (couple of years).

I have looked but the search engine isn't the best or easiest on this site ... so I am puttling it out there for you guys to help point me in the right direction.

I am interested in learning more about the specifics of this member's treatment.

Thanks in advance.

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Since I'm not a "her", I'm sure it wasn't me you're talking about, but FYI I am approaching 3 years with only chemo, after initial dx with over 2/3 of my liver as cancerous, CEA 600+. I'm still inoperable, and not sure I'd use the term "remission", but lesions have remained calcified and stable for the past two years, CEA <3, knock on wood. In fact, I'm currently in the middle of a 6-month-and-counting chemo break (hallelujah). Not sure if my luck so far has been due to great response to chemo, HAI, complementary therapies, divine providence, or some combination thereof...but I am thankful every day for my good fortune, and feel for those who have not fared as well.

So...know that there is always reason for hope! I'd be happy to share additional details of my treatment via PM if you happen to be interested.

Best of luck,

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Maybe biglaur? Check the stage 4 survivors post further down.

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I did chemo (with a clinical trial drug) and between rounds 5 and 6 (of 11) had stereotactic radiation. No additional surgery (to treat mets to liver and lung) after initial colon resection..."just" radiation combined with chemo. Maybe it was someone else???? All this happened in '08 and I've been NED since then. If you need more info feel free to send a private message. Laurie

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