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nasopharyngal cancer

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Anyone can advise me regarding nasopharyngal cancer i was diagnose with this cancer this week only nov 2012 with stage 3 im afraid of what is happening to me my chemotheraphy will schedule nextweek any advise or help of what will be the procedure that they will going to do to me and what will happen after the chemoteraphy and radiation theraphy pls advice im afraid......

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Tina Blondek
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Hello thony1427 and welcome to this site. I am not familiar with that type of cancer. Does it have something to do with your nose or sinus? I was a caregiver for my dad, Ray. He passed from esophageal cancer in March 2010. There is also a discussion board for throat cancer/head/neck cancer. They will also be of great help to you. Of course you are afraid. The diagnosis is the hardest part to swallow. Take it easy. One day at a time. Do a lot of research, ask a lot of questions. I am sure there is a support group at the hospital or cancer center you go to. You are not alone. Most likely you will have chemo first, once the tumor shrinks, the dr will perform surgery to remove the remainder of the tumor. Surgery is the best way to rid your body of this disease. Stay as positive as you can. Your mind set is half of this battle. Lean on us, that is what we are here for.

Hoping I have helped you. Keep in touch, and check out those other discussion boards.
Tina in Va

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