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I seen my doctor still con fussed what to do

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Thanks for your replys.The Dr. Is doing a Colonoscopy Nov.29. I don't know if he is still concerned like he should be.He said I dint need any extra prep.When I wasn't cleaned out when he did scope two months ago.I told him about my throat giving me problems.He said it may be my esophagus and he could stretch it.I really don't know what to do.I may talk to my Cancer Dr. About all this.I have a lot of pain in my stomach.I ask him about the area in Colon that wasn't cleaned out if we should be concerned.And he said no.He never told me this but I over heard him talking to the nurse because I was awake.It's so hard ton know what to do.I relize it could be my life if I don't get the right Dr.

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Please have the doctor put a scope down your throat to check for esophageal problems. Some of your symptoms are similar to esophageal cancer. If caught early, can be cured. Please, please don't let them brush you off.

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sorry. please seek a second opinion and talk to your medical oncologist. you need to sort it out and treat your conditions. it can be something easy to treat. wising you to feel better soon

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