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On tamoxifen 'restarted' period after none for 3 years

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How concerned should I be with periods restarting after 3 years of none while on tamoxifen? I was diagnosed with stage 2 infiltrating ductal carcinoma over 3 years ago, ER +, her2neu+, had taxotere and carboplatin x6 rounds, and a year of herceptin. Am on tamoxifen x3 years, and have not menstruated since I started chemo, so over 3 years. I am 47. Just started menstruating yesterday, and was a little shocked! Any thoughts on this?

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On Tamoxifen for two years without a period. So had test to see if meno had arrived and was negative. Understand periods could return still, yuk. However, do wonder if you are sure it is a period and not a bleed which should be checked. Just in case I would ask oncol.

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what is your age? go through menopause?

I had just gone one full year without periods...after being on tamoxifen for about 3-4 yrs i started to bleed. I ended up with totaly hysterctomy due to enlarged uterus...


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I am not sure honestly if it is a "period" or a bleed, seems like a period, but since I have not had one in >3years it is hard to say! My oncologist said the chemo put me in menopause, but it could just be a chemopause and my cycles could come back. That was 3 years ago! She tests my estrogen levels and I am still making enough estrogen to keep me on the tamoxifen instead of changing to an aromitase inhibitor. But my gyn has said my estrogen levels were low enough she doubted I would come out of the chemopause and was ready to call me in menopause! Even though i am only 47. So I called the gyn today, and she wants to do an ultrasound to check out my uterus for signs out hypertrophy. So I guess I am hoping it is a period at this point, and not a uterine issue related to the tamoxifen. I am going to stay positive over the weekend and see the gyn for the ultrasound on Tuesday.


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Please see your gynecologist!

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My periods started back up after about two years of tamoxifen and I was still on it. But safest thing is to see your gyn and let him/her check it out.

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Please see your gynecologist to confirm that you are having a period. Any bleeding while on Tamoxifen needs to be checked

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When after years of NO period and started to bleed on friday night i was in DR office Monday am..


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Into my fourth treatment of chemotherapy, I stopped having periods. I was 47 years old. I started on Tamoxifen as soon as chemo was over. My period never returned. Four years later I had a recurrence and stopped Tamoxifen and went on Arimidex. Five weeks on Arimidex, I began what looked like to me a period. I saw my gynecologist who did an endometrium biopsy (negative) and took a blood test called FSH (Follicle stimulating hormone). This told me that I was in menopause. I continued to have what looked like periods for the next 2 years. I had many endometrium biopsies which were all negative and every now and then my gyn doc tried another FSH. I was still menopausal.

My gynecologist and oncologist should have known about Tamoxifen and enlarged uterus. I no longer have these two doctors.

After another bad bout of bleeding, I had a vaginal ultra sound which showed the endometrium to be very thick. My primary care found me a great gynecologist who did a D&C. The results were "Endometrial hyperplasia with polyps". A polyps would let loosenfrom the lining and resulted in what looked like a period. I was glad my cancer was slow growing. Since I was no longer on Tamoxifen, I had no problems.

My suggestion is to see your gynecologist for an endometrium biopsy and also an FSH.

Tamoxifen does cause in some women endometrial cancer.



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