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Hi there... I need your advice on vitamins. This is what I am taking now. Is there anything I should add?

Multi Vitamin
Vitamin C 1000 mg
Vitamin D3
Turmeric 500 mg

Thank you for the advice.


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Disclaimer: others here may disagree ;)

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I'd add potassium to the list

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Based on consult with MSKCC Integrative Therapy dr, and my own research, I'd say Vit D is the most important vitamin to add, so well done there.

You probably should NOT add oral Vitamin C DURING chemo treatment, as some studies show it may protect cancer cells, e.g. http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/10/01/vitamin-c-may-interfere-with-cancer-treatment/

Additionally, while some (including me) feel curcumin (the main active ingredient in turmeric) can help against cancer, it is nearly impossible to get high enough concentrations of this to your tumor's food supply, for a long enough time, to have an effect,by taking orally. There are some proprietary concoctions out there that claim to have 6+ times the bioavailability of orally taken curcumin, and some studies show that taking curcumin w/ black pepper (often w/ oil) can improve bioavailability. But my guess is that 500mg turmeric won't do much. On the other hand, beware taking too much T/C, that can probably have negative health effects too.

P.S. Other random thoughts:
I've gotten dr. advice to avoid green tea (i.e. EGCG) while on chemo (for same reason as Vit C). As for other antioxidants while on chemo...too controversial for me to go there. I've been supplementing my B12 levels on dr's advice, though I'm skeptical how much that matters. Other things that I personally do (but I'll avoid proseletyzing on): exercise, avoid blood sugar and insulin spikes, low dose aspirin, flaxseed oil, mushroom extract. Check Dr. Google - or this board - if you're interested on info on any more of them.

Also, a quick link to a great site if you're thinking about researching herbs and botanicals:

Best of luck,

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A regular multivitamin with folic acid aggravates the bone marrow toxicity of 5FU compounds. Been there. An equal amount of folinic acid (calcium folinate, leucovorin) is less harsh but still adds to toxicity some and would be a small addition to any with 5FU-LV like folfox or folfiri. The natural human form, L5MTHF, is the better folate vitamin for general health. Multivitamins with L5MTHF tend to be pricier. We actually use leucovorin with chemo, eat chicken liver (high L5MTHF content along with others) and simply leave any folates out of her multivitamin mix.

That tumeric cap only contains a little curcumin, the usually cited higher dose ingredient for cancer.

My wife uses large amounts of vitamin C in conjunction with other nutrients that suggest synergism and other benefits when used as combinations with 5FU compounds. IV vitamin C and repeated oral vitamin C with adjuvants are separate considerations to any "1 a day" pill of C.

Those doctors/institutions who only cite failed regimens, I would not use those particular regimens without strong counter evidence, nor use those doctors/institutions either. I want doctors that can achieve verifiable better results, not mere critics that repeat known failure modes.

Life Extension Foundation has useful nutrient information as do books by Quillin and Block, as discussed previously. Therapeutic nutrition is an area with opposing camps where you find specialized providers and it is a crap shoot, "regular medicine" or not, if you don't have enough information to spot the charlatans.

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have you thought about adding boswellia, My daughters n. doctor gave her this and we researched it .sounds really good for colon cancer

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have you thought about adding boswellia, My daughters n. doctor gave her this and we researched it .sounds really good for colon cancer

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Taking vitamins should be in moderation, you can take one or two or you can simply take a vitamin that has it all that you are looking for, but before taking any of these vitamis you should consult first your doctor to know whether this vitamins are good for you and to make sure that there will be no comlications that will arise once you take this vitamins. These product  is  made from natural ingredients vitamun

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I honestly don't know the answer. I take a multivitamin every day.




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Milk Thistle was recommended to us by Dr. Lenz, USC. It has been shown to help the immuune system. 

I take:

Vit D  3000Iu morning and 300Iu evening

Milk Thistle 3 tabs  2 morning and 1 evening

Vit B morning 

Fish oil 3000Iu morning

Mistle Toe morning   - also thought to help the immune system


I get less cold and flu symptoms since taking this mix. (1 mild flu this year.) The list above was approved by Lenz for my use. He said none of this could hurt me, and many studies to show they will help me. I eat mostly a Mediterranean Diet. During this round of Chemo, I actually am rebounding quicker then the first round of Chemo. 


My two cents,

Best Always,  mike

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Dito on Mike's two cents these are the same vitamins I have George take.  Like Mike George had a consultation with Dr. Lentz at USC and these are what he suggested.

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Calcium, it makes your vitamin D3 work better.  80 mg of aspin daily per my ONC.  


I also take Fish oil, B12 for energy, and milk thistle for my liver. 

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a strong multi vitamin during chemo which the onc approved, and when I remember I still take the bad boy to this day.

Hugs Vicki you do what you think is best for you ok?

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