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O.T. "HAPPY DANCE" since yesterday am

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MY daughter has been going through custoday battle since Aug! He has no job, failed drugs tests (as his MOM did too), has not done anything the judge said (attend Domestic abuse program, anger management, rehab etc) even got a DWI between courts dates. Has CPS come to our house many times-my daughter of course was cleared of all accusations...

so she was granted full custoday and perm ONE year order of protection!

Happy Dance still going on


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So glad thatshe got custody and the order of protection. Remind her, though, to be alert as someone who is as troubled as her ex. may not obey this order. Happy, too, that she has your support and love. Hoping that now this is in place she can move on and enjoy her children. Will keep her and her children and you also in my prayers.

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thanks for reply...They all live with us...mom and 2 boys...I am the supervisor or WEEKLY visits...daycare, school etc..all aware and ON HIGH Alert..I never let my gaurd down. I dont' like spending 3 hrs a week with him but for grandson I WILL DO IT...! (have been since day one) We go to mall (must be public place with many people around at all times)

Just to ridiculous-cost her $3,000 ,which she doesn't have, since needless to say no support from him.. The day they moved back home 4 yrs ago i said to my husband they are "SAFE" and I dint' know near all of the story..

Thanks again...

still doing the happy dance..


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all the terrible things he accused her of-he "was found guilty of" ironically...how stupid of him. CPS cleared her and everything UNFOUNDED.(WE KNEW THAT)

..and he guilty of all and then some..

just glad it is over for year...HE has the right in year if he can prove he did all the programs and testing all year to maybe have things changed


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I am so happy for you and your daughter and your grandkids. I agree about him not obeying the restraining order. But do I understand it correctly that YOU supervise his visits? If you are, I would put a kabosh to that right away. If he's doing drugs, and is dangerous (proved by the restraining order), I would suggest that CPS supervise the visits at their building site and HE should be responsible for paying for it. They have special areas for this. IF you are supervising the visits, I would immediately request that CPS/social services do it. People can still do bad things even if you are in public....

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What an enormous relief for you all! You must feel as if an elephant just got off your chest. I am soooo happy for you all! Big, big hugs!!!!

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thanks all..now I hope good news on wed for surgeon appt..

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Jean 0609
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I am sure you will get good news on Wednesday! Keep us posted. xo

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Congrats! Now the legal hat goes on (I am not a lawyer, but am a Child Support Specialist for our state) so of course I have questions. Has your daughter filed for child support? Have her do it, immediately, especially if she gets any state aid for the kids. After she fills out the paperwork, the state takes it from there. You wouldn't believe the resources we have to find and take money.

About the supervised visits: I agree with another poster...you shouldn't be the one who does the supervising. I mean, in his mind, I'm sure he's figured that you are responsible for the pickle he finds himself in. You took his wife and kids in, and are doing what you can to protect them. How DARE you!

PPOs are great. Self-defense is even better. Remember how Earl "walked right thru that restraining order and put her in intensive care" (Goodbye Earl, Dixie Chicks). I don't know what state you are in, but check it out.

Lastly, be prepared for flack from the other grandmother. If she tested positive, she also should be considered a potential danger.

If I can help you out with any non-legal(I have to put that in there, lest I be accused of holding myself out as an attorney....when in reality I AM A MAJOR ADVOCATE FOR FAMILIES) you know how to get a hold of me.

Good luck this week!

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Thanks for imput...one court for custoday , another (judge) for support etc..n never ending..


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