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I had a great experience yesterday!

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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Several weeks ago my friend had a yard sale at my house. Since I have no hair it is obvious I am an onc patient...this woman comes up to me and starts asking me questions. Then she gives me her business card and explains that she works for a company that teaches estheticians how to care for/treat oncology patients. She explained that if I came and shared my story I would get a free facial, and hand and feet done too.

At the time I thought why not? and signed up. As I thought about it more, I thought mani/pedi...infection risk...should I cancel? After going back and forth I decided to honor my commitment, and speak up or leave if I thought there was a risk of infection.

Instead I got skin care (cleansing/moisturizer) and a fabulous massage!! I felt so good leaving there, relaxed and energized at the same time. And I also met a wonderful group of women!! There were 4 women working on me at one time. All of them had a personal relationship with cancer...someone they know or are close to has battled/is battling this nasty disease. It literally took me an hour to leave because I had so many conversations with the students and teachers.

And I found an opportunity to pay it forward...one of the other oncology patients who shared her story...a beautiful woman who had a lumpectomy and just completed radiation on Friday. She is burnt and hurting and confused and has very limited support. Her car is broken...so she needs someone to listen and some rides. And yes, I told her about how wonderful this site is. I am looking forward to getting to know her better and becoming friends.

So I left there feeling good physically and emotionally and will definitely go back for their next class.



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Linda what an awesome experience! Isn't it absolutely amazing how things come our way that lead us to a blessing and then end up allowing us to bless others! You my friend are a truly awesome person, I am so glad you were treated to such a lovely day and then share somehow share us with others! My Monday's are still open for that kitty caper! ;-)



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Christmas Girl
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Glad you were pampered! Making new friends is an awesome bonus.

Kind regards, Susan

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Hi Linda,
How great that you got to get pampered. Also feel great joy in helping others get through these very scary times. You have already been a great help to me and I'm sure many many others. Have a great weekend !!


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Thank you for sharing this moment with. And if anyone deserves pampering it is you. And of course you would find a way to pay it forward.

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It is so nice to read uplifting stories and this one definitely hit the awesome button for me.

Good for you! I am sure you are the best customer they have ever had! It's a win/win situation all around.


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Thanks for sharing your story. What a day brightener! xoxoxo Lynn

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I am so glad that you had your special day and, of course, being our amzing Linda, you then pay it forward! You are so awesome!!! Big hugs.

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Ditto!!! you deserved this Linda.hugs~~MollyZ~~

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