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esophegus cancer survivors

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I am posting this to ask if anyone has ever heard about the University of Michigan for treatments. We were told on Monday they can't help my husband anymore in the small town we live in. It has spread more in his liver. any help for us?

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I don't have any first hand knowledge, but I've heard only goods things about them. My husband was diagnosed in May, stage 3. That was one of the hospitals we considered but ended up in Indianapolis because it was closer and we have family there.

Good luck and I'm sorry you find yourself in this situation.


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I was diagnosed as stage 2A (reclassified to 2B after surgery) in April of this year. I went to the University of Michigan for my chemo, radiation and THE surgery in September. Dr. Mark Orriger was my surgeon, Dr. Susan Urba was the Medical Oncologist and Dr. James Haymen was my Radiation Oncologist. All were great and give excellent care. Dr. Orringer pioneered the THE method of surgery over 30 years ago and U of M does 100-120 of these surgeries a year.

You can learn more about their program and the surgery at:





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