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Missing my Dad sooooo much...

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It really hurts a lot

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Hi Dadysgirl,

I wish I could make the pain go away but unfotunately, that will
happen with time as you heal. I miss my sister terribly. Nov 3rd would have
been her birthday so she was on my mind a lot that day. She passed just before
Christmas last year (12/21/11) so we know the holidays are going to be a tough time.
I also know she wouldn't want us to be sad and to move on but that is so much
easier said than done. I try to think of the good times with my sister and all the fun and crazy experiences we had. I do take some comfort in the fact that at least
three people got Christmas presents from her last year (organ dontation)
and are alive as a result of her generosity.

Please know that we care about you and are here for you.

I found this video and website relating to grief in response
to a post I made to someone dealing with the holidays coming up, etc.
on a different board about a year ago.

Moving on Past Grief:


Moving on past grief

It covers these topics:

How do I move past my grief in a healthy way?
What is 'journaling' and how can it help me grieve?
What are some common 'triggers' of grief?
How do I get through the holidays without my loved one?
Is it healthy to hang on to my loved one's belongings?
How do I fill the gap my loved one has left in my life?
How long is considered 'too long' to grieve?

The main site below has several topics related to grief/bereavement:



I hope you will find this helpful.

Big hugs,


miss maggie
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Dear Jim,

You are such a sweetheart. Always in front for anyone that needs a lift. Not only posting in your own words of encouragement. You research a site that is so approciate for their
needs. I know, you will say I have so much time on my hands. In my opinion, even if you didn't have the time, you would still be who you are.

Bless you, hugs and love from Maggie

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DadysGirl it is extremely painful when somebody you love so much leaves us. It's been 3 yrs since my mom died at the age of 53 she would have turned 57 this Nov. 6 and in her memory my brothers and I always celebrate her birthday. I know it sounds crazy but we like to celebrate like if she would have been alive. That is how we cope with her loss, you do it your way. I don't know when it will get easier for you and there are going to be days that are harder than others but you just have to hang in there! Take care sweetie and sending you a HUGE HUG!


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I cried so much reading your post... :(
Life is good only with loved ones around otherwise it's not even life.. Pp keep saying it gets better. How come missing Him just gets deeper and the love just keeps growing inside and at the same time you know He's not coming back... Just doesn't seem like He died.. I know its the patience God gives us to go on... We'll respond more later

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