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No more treatments

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The doctor told my husband today that he didn't feel the side effects of the chemo weren't worth the minor benefits of the chemotherapy any more and he felt we should let nature take it's course. So, no more treatments.

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There really aren't words. I have pondered how I will feel I hear those words one day. I can't answer that, but I hope you can get to place of peace with this and that you have some support with hospice, palliative care MDs, friends, a place of worship...something (or all of them) as you and your husband go on this journey.

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That is a hard thing to hear. I'm approaching that point with my mom 80 year old ovarian cancer survivor. God bless you and your family, during this difficult time. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.


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I am glad you did share the news, no matter how bad. I hope there will be some moments of peace ahead for your husband on his difficult journey. Rick.

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I cannot even begin to imagine how you both feel. Sometimes, when there are no further options, oncologists will prescribe Tarceva. Has he tried this yet? It's the cancer patients equivalent of a Hail Mary, sometimes it works even if the patient is not EGFR+. My heart goes out to you at this time.

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This is so harsh, I can't imagine. Please know we are here for you both ! I have friends in pallitive care, which is helping them cope. My thoughts for peace of mind and heart go out to both of you ! Katie

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