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scans today not good after 3 rounds cistplatin/taxol Anyone had lipos/doxo?

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I recurred in May after about 7 months remission. My old dr. has had me on three rounds of cistplatin/taxol. After I developed pneumonia in August, my dosage of both drugs was reduced by 20%. I changed drs. I saw my new one for the first time last week.

I had abdominal/pelvic/chest CT today. He called me a little while ago. The places in my chest have grown slightly since the end of August. He said it was only mild growth.

He is planning to have an ultrasound of my heart for tomorrow or Friday to make certain I can handle a different chemo drug. Anyway, he is planning next week to start me on lipo/dox. Has anyone had good experiences with this drug? Side effects? Oh, I am stage 3c clear cell.

Ladies, I am just SO scared. I lost my husband (age 52) to a massive heart attack April 2010. I had my surgery May 18, 2011, the recurrence in early May of this year. I want to see our kids marry and grandkids. I can't stop crying right now.



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...I was on Cisplatin /Gemzar for several months of this year and my ca-125 started to rise...I am now n Carbo/Taxol. I think your Dr. Is being cautious that everything is working . I am stage 3 also.never been on lipo/dox..is that Doxil? I know several ladies on this site have been on this. Sending healing prayers your way....Val

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Hi Val,

I don't believe that it's doxil. The dr. spelled it out over the phone for me. It has like 30 letters in it. LOL! On another OVCA site I saw some discussing lipo-dox. I'm assuming that is how this drug is abbreviated. liposomaldoxoruvicin is how he spelled it out to me (providing I wrote it down correctly :)

He said that carbo/taxol was the best treatment for ovca. However, he said since I recurred so quickly after that regiment, it probably wouldn't work again. I'm just going to keep fighting.


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I haven't had that drug... unless it is another name for doxil. For me it took a few trys before they found the right combo. Keep fighting, girl....... ((((HUGS)))) Maria

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Please remember not every chemo will work for everyone it is unfortunate that you are going thru this but please hang in there .I know it is not the best phrase 'hang in there' but this new chemo may be the one to put you in a long remission.
I'm sure you will get some answers here about the new chemo but I just wanted to help you see there is hope . When I was diagnosed over two years ago my prognosis was very grim and I know I surprised my doctor that I responded as well as I did to carbo/taxol, I am still on chemo now but it is not a bad regime carbo/gemzar/avastin. I plan on fighting and I am hoping that I can get into a new trial they have here in my area, they are doing phase I now , I am hoping to hang on long enough for the phase II which will include more people. It is some type of vaccine and I think it has a lot of promise.
Did your doctor prescribe you ativan ? A lot of women are on it me included, it calms you down when you get upset , it can help with nauesea and even put you to sleep when your mind just won't stop thinking. It is mild thats why I like it.I hope you feel better today.

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I don't have any experience with your new chemo drugs but please know that I'm hoping and praying that they help you to kick cancer's butt! Keep fighting and know that we're here for you.



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Hugs...I hope they find the right chemo. There are many combinations they can put together. I remember when you first came on the board. You are a strong woman. :) Somedays drive us to our knees with fear but we get up and keep on moving.

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Hi Mom2,
I haven't had Lipodox but looked it up on google. Looks like a (new) way of encapsulating doxil by wrapping it in a liposome, which is an outer shell that keeps the drug (doxil) in your system longer. It's a drug delivery system for doxil that is more effective than the older method (which I received). Here's a good website that explains the process: http://www.liposome.com.tw/english/Drug.asp.

When I took Doxil, I had to stay out of the sun and I would get something like heat rash if I got excited or overheated, as when I exercised. I've never been diagnosed with prickly heat, but it must be the same experience. I developed a red rash on my lower legs and arms. I can't remember the other effects because it has been several years.

I've been treated now for ovarian cancer since 2002 and had every drug under the sun, so don't give up hope! Just find a good doctor, and make sure he/she is a "gynecological oncologist," not just an oncologist. Big cancer centers are better than small, local offices. I go to Florida Hospital Cancer Center in Orlando, but there are plenty of good cancer centers around the country. Finding a good medical center will have the biggest impact on your recovery than anything else you do. I travel 70 miles one way for each treatment, but it has saved my life and I have been able to see my grandchildren growing up.

Best wishes.


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I am sorry that you are facing a new chemo. I know how scary it is. Let me say that lipodox is another name for doxil.(doxirubicin). My doctor has a patient who has been on it for 5 years and travels,works and does well. He said he had a lady that took it for 5 years and then she had a 13 year remission. That said, I took it for 5 months and at first my numbers went down but then went up. By that time, I was able to go back on carbo which I am doing now. I hope Doxil works for you. Hugs!


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