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Good CT!!!

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The last CT was declared clear with NED. The oncologist wants to do 4 more rounds of chemo and then scan again. He said if that scan is clear we will stop chemo and go with scans for a while to identify and new recurrences. The point of the chemo holiday is to let my body regenerate so in the event of a recurrence there will be a better chance of tolerating the chemo (which I seem to be sensitive to) better.

Even though there is a good chance of recurrence, for now it is party time!!


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that is excellent news....and good to get a break.....


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fact you are getting a break....wonderful news. When did you say the party starts??


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congrats! so good to hear good news.

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So very glad to hear your good news and hope that the trend continues for a very long time.

Take every opportunity to PARTY!


Marie who loves kitties

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Congratulations! Enjoy every minute of it.


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Enjoy the break.

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Awesome news Bob. Enjoy the break and good news.

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Well done. Very happy for you

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Happy to hear the good news. Yes, party. May you be forever NED.

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It's always good to read some good news and I thank you for sharing your news.

this is awesome!!!!!!

thanks so much for sharing.

I feel some people feel bad with sharing the good news... but it always makes my day to read good news here.

thanks again.

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