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D@mned if we do, d@mned if we don't

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We were given 2 options today concerning Roberts port. Neither of which is an option that bodes well.

1. Stop all treament at the end of the month, wait 3 weeks, fix the port issue, and wait three more weeks before starting the trial all over again. This means no treatment for 6 weeks and given Robert's history of recurrance/progression with no therapy, his tumors have the chance to get a new grip and grow.

2. Do nothing with the port and risk an infection that could be life-threatening. On the "good" side of this option, since he is not getting "chemo", his immune system is functioning well and blood work is all normal, so he is not compromised there.

Robert voted for option 2, and I agree, but with some apprehension. We have to be extra vigilant about keeping the port covered and watch for infection. but what if the infection starts inside, and you can't tell???

I was NOT too pleased to learn today how the docs and the trial nurse feel about Robert's case. Apparently they think this is Robert's last chance of keeping his cancer from spreading and if this treatment no longer works, then he is out of options.

You can bet your sweet bibby we will be hightailing it out of there if this trial stops working.


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It's often a bunch of tough choices. If Roberts doctor seems to have run out of options doesn't always mean there aren't more options. I know, more choices...
I think I would have made the same choice.
Hang in there

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I think you made the right choice. I guess they wi ll just want you to watch temperature and signs of redness on the skin for infection. Best of luck with your decision .


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This is no doubt one of the hardest decisions I have heard about. I can tell you that I would have probably made the same choice that the two of you did. I am sad to hear about the attitude of the doctors and nurses, One would hope for a more upbeat hopeful treatment team even though there are limited if any treatment options in their toolboxes.

Hugs of comfort and serenity...


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As with most decisions we have to make regarding our treatment, the options are always tough.

I have to agree with others that I think you both made the best choice given Robert's history.

One of the indictors of infection beyond the outwardly visual ones is a large fluctuation either up or down of the white blood cell count. For your own peace of mind ask the docs how often they can/will do that test and chart the results for yourself. Unless his current treatment can cause the same kind of fluctuations it could be a good indicator of infection.

Praying that all goes well with the plan, but certainly understand that you want to keep your options open to find other treatments.

Hugs to you both,

Marie who loves kitties

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We are keeping options open. I am not taking the word of one cancer center that there are no more options, even if it's "the place" for cancer treatment in Birmingham.

Will ask about the labs, though, next week. He's only getting blood drawn once a month now.


I have only 1 cat, her name is Edie :-)

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dear angela,

lots of interesting options around this big beautiful planet, read about removab and dendretic cell and doctor vogel and chemo embolisation with direct injection. just some possible options.

goodluck with whatever you decide, surely to god something must work.


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I have a whole list of options which I keep updated, always searching....removab, zaltrap for the newer ones, there is also the oxy which he has never done, SIR spheres, hepatic infusion and even, possibly surgery if we can get these buggers shrunk some more. Whether Robert is a canditate for any remains to been seen.

And you never know, might even see you in baden baden one day!


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