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Great news! I am so thankful!

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I had had a PET scan 2 weeks ago that seemed to show that I had failed the frontline treatment of CHOP-R for my DLBCL because it showed much increased cell activity. So I was scheduled for a biopsy a few days later.

Just on Monday I got the biopsy results. And all it showed was necrotic B cell tissue and highly active T cells (my good immune cells), which was the activity showing up on the PET scan. There was no conclusive evidence of live cancer cells! I'm still feeling perfectly well, which is more evidence to back up the results. My doctor was expecting that my symptoms had returned by now because he was sure the PET scan was indicating cancer. And I'm still feeling the best I felt in years, which, he told me, is the best indicator of what the cancer is doing or not doing.

Never saw a doctor so puzzled in my life!! He couldn't figure out how this could possibly be! He was fully planning on sticking me in the hospital and starting a stem cell transplant until he saw the results (I didn't tell him that had he tried that, I probably would have let him know that I have different thoughts about a SCT!) He's having a hard time making sense out of it.

I'm not. I know that many, many family and friends and even strangers were praying for me. To us, this is a clear answer to prayer. I am grateful for every new day, a precious gift from the Giver of Life.

Of course, I'm not out of the woods yet. Technically, I've still not been proven in remission. And we all know that cancer can throw us curveballs. I will be getting another PET scan after 3 months, of course. So I will continue to take it one step at a time and rejoice for what I have been given.

But next thing on my list is to celebrate by going to the beach with my friends!! I love the ocean! Yes, I know, the beach in November. But we are bound and determined to celebrate this. :)

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Hi fullyloved,
Sounds like you are doing good! Sometimes we think that Dr's know everything but they're just as human as we are and can sometimes make mistakes. Sounds like you have great faith in God and a wonderful outlook in life, please continue this way. Sending you positive thoughts (((Hugs)))


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It might have been the timing of the PET that provided the false positive. PETs find the metabolic activity that is associated with healing, and this appears to be exactly what it found. Of course, the only safe thing for doctor to do was to biopsy a sample, as that is the only conclusive evidence of a relapse. Yet, those prayers were heard and mercy was granted you. What a blessing! The discomfort from that biopsy can be seen as a reminder that you have received a greater blessing. Oh, to feel the ocean breeze and take in a breath of fresh air!

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Hi fullyloved,

That is good news. Enjoy your trip to the beach - pictures
would be nice but that's up to you :).

This has been a week of mostly good news! I'm so happy for you.



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Very happy for you... My wonderful Dad never had it in lungs but after sct it was in his lungs within a week... It's very difficult things were growing within few days... If it was there I would assume you'd have symptoms bcuz Dad was coughing 24 hr straight seemed like at one pt... Things progressed and He unfortunately passed away within few wks... We were home happy that we got through sct and it only lasted 7 days :((( wishing you a cure and nothing less... Take care...

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Yes, I know what it is like to cough for nearly 24 hrs straight....I don't want a return of that symptom!
I am sad to hear of the grief you are experiencing....I'm praying for you.

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Thank you... Pls pray for my Dad too...
I hope you will be cured...

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Thats great news and I'm very happy for you! Go to the beach and have a blast! Keep us posted. Best wishes...Sue (FNHL-2-3a-6/10)

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