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White blood cells

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Hi everyone,

I was refractory to R-CHOP, and now am working towards R-ICE salvage therapy and an auto transplant. However, I'm in this dubious holding pattern that is keeping me from starting my R-ICE.

My white blood cell counts are too low! The strangest thing is, I haven't had chemo since September. I just had my bloodwork done this morning, and my WBC came back as 1.2. If my numbers aren't higher by Friday, I will have to have another bone marrow biopsy.

I have been in the hospital twice in the past month with febrile neutropenia. Each time to be released, and then the WBC levels drop again.

I'm starting to get nervous here-- has anyone else had experiences like this? Have they killed my bone marrow?


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No. I did not experience that. My white blood cell counts stayed high for a chemo patient. One thing I did do was take immune supplements to support my immune system, plus eat healthy, immune supportive foods. I'm convinced that helped. No I didn't do that by order of my doctor. I think it's strange that they never once addressed things like my diet and the foods I ate to see if I was doing the right things to help my body fight the cancer, in addition to getting chemo. Sometimes docs seem to have a one track mind.

Sorry to hear that things aren't so great...Wish I had the answers! Don't we all!

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I was given that during chemo, because of this same concern. I found this article that explains the possible causes of low neutrophils. http://www.medfriendly.com/neutrophil.html

Of interest is that vitamin B12 may help. You are right that doctors may not always look at the big picture, and zero in on only a single aspect of it.

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Hi Nathan,

I had the same question about the neulasta or neupogen.
If you take supplements, check with your docotor as some of these
can interfere with chemo. That is according to my original
oncologist who told me anti-oxidants can interefere with chemo.

I hope you find an answer and improvement soon.



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po18guy, Jim, fullyloved,

No Neulasta has been given to me yet. It didn't even cross my mind. I will have to ask my oncologist why they are going this route-- perhaps they are seeing what I can naturally produce?

I have been trying to ramp up my diet here and make sure to eat nutritious food. I'll have to look for foods higher in B12, as there's no way you're gonna get a vitamin near my face-- I don't think I can stand one more pill in my day.

Though, I may consider it if it keeps me from having another bone marrow biopsy.


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