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need resources for financial help

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I am desperate and don't know were else to turn too does anyone know an organization that can help with rent?
My husband has not drawn a paycheck since April 2011 and we have been living on one income we are seriously behind in our rent and I have looked everyone for some assistance. we live in a two bedroom apartment for $475 a month.
does anyone have any ideals

thank you

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(and this is a very small town in NW Montana)....the Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, and any number of churches will help. I wonder if you called the American Cancer Society, if they might not have a list or even help themselves.


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Have you tried asking Social Security about the Compassionate Allowance for cancers? Head and Neck cancers were added to the list in 2008.


My Best to Both of You and Everyone Here

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Where we were treated, there was an excellent social services incorporated into the medical oncology office. They were truly a huge help at located financial assistance, most of which we would have been clueless about without their direct input. Wishing you the best. This will work out somehow, even though it may not seem so right now.


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Keep searching, I know there is help out there. I work for an insurance company and one of our customers with cancer got assistance that paid several months premium for her car and home insurance.

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This issue rears it's ugly head in all our lives, please know you're not alone ! I found a site called CancerCare www.cancercare.org don't know much about them, but try them. Also have you tried your local social services ? Also for energy bills there is a National energy assistance # 1-866-647-6327. I'm still looking for more info., to share with you. Good luck, and please don't give up ! Thinking positives for your family ! Katie

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Maybe try and apply for social security. I know it's not a quick fix but he might qualify. We have also lost half our income because of cancer...overnight. It's so hard to battle financial issues and cancer at the same time. Hoping things improve for you.


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he applied for SS and was denied we are in the process of appealing. Everyone says this is typical but i am so aggravate see all these people getting disablity and having a great life.

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"HNC SUPERTHREAD" at the top of all the posted topics. There are a few resources there that may help you.

Good luck and many thoughts and prayers to you.

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In most areas you can dial 211. This is the United WAY First Call For Help Line.


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There are quite a few head and neck cancers that qualify for immediate disability benefits for 18 months. All you have to do, I believe, is be out of work for six months before you can start drawing the check. When my cancer started, I didn't know I was eligible for disability and never applied. I went back to work later on that year. After a couple more years, the aftereffects of radiation started kicking in. That is when I applied. It took two solid years and a lawyer to start collecting disability. Thank God for my family and a dear friend or otherwise I don't know what I would have done. If I were you, I would go to Social Security's website and see if his cancer warrants the unquestioned disability benefits. One last thing and I REALLY don't mean this the wrong way, where do you live that a two bedroom apartment is only $475 a month?

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in a small community in Kentucky

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I was thinking you might live close, because of the rent. I am sorry you are having to go through all this. I am taking a medical leave and I am very concerned about loss of wages. David isn't working and I am trying to survive on my income, which will be very limited when I run out of sick leave. All I can say is I am thankful to have decent health insurance (of course I pay $650 a month for). That has been a blessing. I hope you find some help. If you qualify for the compassionate assistance of Social Security that would be the quickest easiest route to some financial relief.

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