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3 year anniversary

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Tina Brown
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Joined: Nov 2009

‎3 years since the doctors told me I had an incurable cancer.

3 years since I was told the average survival rate for my cancer was 8 - 18 months.

Ha ha ha I tricked you all - I am still here and feeling really well and free from chemo (at the moment) I am looking forward to another 3 years living and managing my illness.

I never thought I wouldstill be here at this time. I am very lucky. Its not until you are given a diagnosis like that you really really take stock and look at your life and appreciate all of the little things.

Its weird but I am happy and I love and enjoy being with my friend and family. I notice little things like the different colours of the tree in the autumn, enjoywatching the clouds in the sky.

So I am really hoping I get another 3 years to continue living my life with my lovely friends and family

Tina xxxxxx

Cindy Bear
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Joined: Jul 2009

Hoping you get 30 more years. How wonderful. You are so strong, so tenacious.. you're plucky.... you go girl. Big hugs, Cindy

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Joined: May 2003

What an encouraging and inspiring testimony! I say have another 30 more, too!

And how true - we appreciate even the 'little' things. Everything takes on a whole new light.

(((HUGS))) & God Bless You!


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What a hard time you have had ! Congratulations !


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I am glad you are enjoying life right now. I think that is the lesson this disease teaches us. We don't know about tomorrow, nobody does. All we have is today. I'll be joining your ranks in 4 months. That will be my three years. The day of my diagnosis I was told by an incompetent (in my opinion) gastroenterologist that I was stage IV and nothing that could be done for me. Thank God my onc and surgeon had other opinions.

I wish you the best.


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Hi Tina - Such great news and cause for celebration! You really have shown everyone (probably including yourself) how tough and strong you are! Continue to enjoy every minute of every day to the fullest with your wonderful family and friends for many years to come. I wish you good health and much happiness! I am just about to come to my one year celebration and I will be celebrating that too not mourning it! You have given me a lot of strength and encouragement and I thank you.

Julie xx

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That is why we fight..to live,love,appreciate,little things along the way, and take the good,the bad and the ugly. Smile and let your energy shine....Stay strong..-Val

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There's no expiration date stamped on the bottom of our feet!! I'm 6 1/2 years and counting and also experience the delights of life everyday and take nothing for granted. Way to go, dear Tina.............. ((((HUGS))) Maria

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You are truly an inspiration to us! Wishing you many, many more years of life and happiness!



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Yay!! Congratulations!

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Joined: Feb 2012

That's wonderful Tina! Congratulations! You are an inspirati to all of us. Keep up the fight!



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