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Cat scan

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Hi everyone. Just saw chemo dr today and bloodwork looks good. But he scheduled me for 2 more cat scans, one now and one in May. I am 14 months out of treatment. My question is is there a easier way to drink the contrast before the scan. I seem to gag with every swallow. I put mints in my mouth, use a straw at the back of my throat and also chase it down with water. I dread that scan more than anything so anyone with some new ideas, I sure would appreciate it.

Thanks so much. Rita

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The only tip I have is to make sure the contrast is chilled. I guess I've just gotten used to it.

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When I go for catscans they offer two flavors of the icky stuff - berry and apple. The berry makes me gag - the apple seems to go down much better (for me anyway). The last time I was there they brought out the berry and I asked them to switch it to apple - they did it without complaint. Hope this helps, and good luck with your scans. Congratulations on the good bloodwork!

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I didnt think it was that bad kinda like a crappy smoothie--I chilled it and they gave me berry. The hard part was drinking it all in the short amount of time.

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I think there is an easier way. During my lastest scan at MD Anderson I was told by another patient that they came up with something in juice form. I asked for apple flavored and it tasted like applie juice! No gagging on it. It was wonderful compared to the old chalk based barium crapola! I was very excited. As you doctors if they have it.
It makes a big differenc.

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