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Avastin & Xeloda - Anyone On This?

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Well gang... my platelets just won't cooperate. Was only able to get chemo once every 4 weeks so the ONC put a halt to the folfiri. If my platelets are fine on Monday, I will start Avastin only plus Xeloda. Its not as strong but ONC feels not as strong is better than none at all.

Has anyone been on Avastin and Xeloda only?

Remission for me may not be possible anymore due to the platelets not allowing me to do chemo so I am praying this will still help fight off the cancer.

Deep sigh.

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On me Remission is possible with Xeloda!

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Thank you so much for the positive response. I'm feeling more hopeful now.

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onc number 5 recommended that combo for me mid august, for at least 2 months to see how the mets behaved. i just thought I would try germany before long term chemo.

what you are on now was my recommended first line. i hope it works well for you.


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Thank you Pete. I hope you are doing good these days.

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The last several months of one of my fights, we finished up with Avastin and Xeloda...

We had done Oxy and it destroyed my platelets and I ended up with ITP.

I'm sorry Folfiri did not work out...my platelets went down there, but not the downhill roller coaster kind of way...they went down 4-5K per treatment and rebounded about 1/2 of that.

So, I was slipping, but had just enough rope....I was in the 50's when we wrapped...

I can't say if 5fu and Xeloda really worked for me, Vicki...I recurred again myself after I had done the liver surgery, cyberknife, oxy, avastin, and xeloda.

Maybe it held things off...don't know.

But having something is better than going turkey...did you look into RITUXIN?

I was set up for that when my treatment ended...its role was to supposedly boost platelet counts.

I'm with you...it's hard to be down 22K in platelets and then expect to recover that many in two weeks or two months...

We started backing mine up from every two weeks...to once a month...to once every two months...and then we would do one...chemo just doesn't work like that...and my onc should have known better than that.

It was like being blindfolded and asked to throw a dart and hit the target...the whole role of chemo is to systematically attack every 2-3 weeks...if not, the efficacy of the treatments will be in vain.

I get where you are coming from...

I hope this combo will keep things stable...it would be nice to see you have some response and be able to get treatments.

That's what I wish for you for this holiday season:)

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I always love and need your feedback. It's very valuable to me. I hope you have been well. You are my inspiration.

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Was actually just going to have me on the Xeloda and Avastin, I talked him into the Oxy, since my CEA had went up to 28 in October, I wanted a little extra, but truthfully he thought the Xeloda and Avastin would do the trick (the other onc surgeon thought that I would not do well on either since had used it before, as of today after ONE chemo I'm down 5 CEA points, so it is working, I had been worried).
So I'd say give it a chance, my onc thinks it's a good combo by itself as well.
To our health,
Winter Marie

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Thank you for the encouraging words. I wish you the best of everything. Big hug.

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Johnnybegood started Avastin & Xeloda, but like you, her platelets bombed out, so both chemos were stopped. She had a couple of Gamma Globulin infusions which were not easy on her and no platelet change. She has had 2 Rituxin infusions with very little increase in platelets. She has 2 more to go. We don't know if all 4 infusions have to be finished before a significant increase in platelets is supposed to occur. Onc started her back on Xeloda(I think) as he didn't want her to be off chemo any longer. Maybe it's working against the Rituxin. Don't really know.

Try sending her a PM for better info.


Wolfen(her Mom)

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It looks like me and your daughter are on the same path. I pray for both of us. I will send her a message. Thank you!

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I did it for a good 3-4 months and found it held things at least as well as when I was on it with oxaliplatin. The other big thing is I tolerated it very well with almost no side effects and no need to go to hospital for infusions. My onc is becoming more keen on it as there is more evidence it is actually quite strong in itself.

Perhaps if remission is less the aim quality of life is more important and this combo may offer more of that,


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