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Happy, happy,happy!!!

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Hi all,

Just got home from oncologist follow up visit. NO Maintenance Chemo!!! Just watchful waiting for now. Calling it partial Remission. I don't see her until January!! She originally thought maintenance Ofatumumab was the way to go, but my numbers are looking SO GOOD she is more comfortable with waiting. It's a bit hard- not doing anything and knowing it's not a full remission but the Ofatumumab stays in your system and keeps working for months. Very happy to not have to have more infusions!!

SO we're having a great day here in Jersey!!! Thanks for the prayers, good vibes and love. Now on to the business of just enjoying life with fewer interuptions!! :)


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It's been a week of inspiring and good news!
I'm so happy for you - you'll get to enjoy the holidays
without the "chemo-ruptions".

Enjoy yourself!



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"YEAH"! Now just enjoy every single day! So very happy for you! Love...Sue

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great news Donna!!!! So happy for you... awesome not having to be in that chair! Vinny

miss maggie
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Dear sweet Donna,

I couldn't be happier for you. It's been too long of a road for you. Finally good news.
God bless and yes, enjoy the up and coming holidays.

hugs and love. xooxoxoxo Maggie

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We love good news!

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Wishing you continued good news ...
Take care of yourself... Lots of luv...

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That's great news Donna, hope you won't need more treatment for a long time! Take care of yourself and sending you a Huge HUG.


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That can only be good news. Time to enjoy each day, although I do agree that it feels odd when your treatment is reduced. Ah, but you will soon be used to it. Thanks for letting us know!

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Thank you for all of your good wishes. The news even got better today when my oncologist called me and was very excited that for the first time since my diagnosis my IGM level is withing normal range at 228. It is usually around 2000 for me when the cancer is active. So this was great news (again) that the beast is resting right now.

So while it gives me a break I am going to get on with LIVING!!! It's snowing here in NJ tonight- very beautiful but not for those that are still without power, etc. But I think I will get my cross country skis out in the morning just because I am lucky and I can.

So prayers for those that are still suffering- with weather, with pain and disease. I am blessed and I know it. I thank God for this reprieve.

Love and hugs to all,

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