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Some of you may remember back in June a metastatic brain tumor was found. I received a craniotomy with tumor resection, followed by stereotactic therapy. PET, CAT, bloodwork and tumor markers in July were NED!! YAY! MRI of brain, CAT scan of chest and bloodwork in Sept NED!! YAY! Last week i started having some problems similar to the symptoms of the tumor progression. I was taken to the hospital where I received more tests. The chest Xrays and bloodwork still all good. The MRI of my brain showed no new spots, there is some swelling and edema at the surgical sight. It could very well be "post craniotomy changes". The doctors are studying the films and I have an appt on Wednesday but the anxiety is driving me crazy!!! I want to be done with this. They have me on steroids and anti seizure medicine which makes me crazy, wired, emotional and jittery. i can't focus or stay centered or concentrate on anything. I just want want to be me,I want to take care of my family and my home and be normal. Why won't this thing just leave me alone!


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I'm sorry you are having to wait Dana. That is the worst for all of us. I do know how you feel about not feeling like yourself. I've been on medications now for three years due to all sorts of things wrong with me and they have made me very depressed. I wish I just felt like the old me. I feel like a shell of my former self. I hope you are able to get off the meds. Stay positive and hope your results are good.


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Thinking of you..


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You are having a tough time of it. Never ending. Hopefully the end news is good news then you can get on with your life. I haven't had as much done to me as you and that was bad enough. Keep us I formed with results and good luck.

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breast cancer has created in your life. I call bc, the gift that keeps on giving --
even after we have completed therapy, radiation or chemo.

Please .. please know that we have your back, we are praying and sending out
positive thoughts for you.

Hoping all your questions, and concerns get resolved .. If not, do not leave
the office until you are satisfied and content with answers.

Strength, Courage and HOPE for a Cure.

Vicki Sam

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....no doubt about that. Try to relax with music, yoga, anything that can help you bide your time while in waiting mode.

I pray that you will be fine and that you can put this in the past (the way you want it tobe). I, too, have been in constant waiting mode with lung nodules. It's not fun but obviously necessary. I want this all to go away too...sooner rather than later.

Please just try to breath and know that we are all here for you.

God Bless.


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