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Aaron, how are you doing?

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Hey Aaron,
Haven't seen you post for a bit. How are things going? Did you get chemo last Tuesday as you thought?

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Who is Aaron? LOL - would love to hear from you buddy.

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Hi Shar and Jim, I'm always around I've just been caught up in my favorite thing about American life " presidential politics " I know I'm crazy but that's my Olympics. Shar, I did get treatment a week ago and I'm doing well, I sure hope I can stay on schedule now. I'm a week behind you now so I expect you to look that much healthier than me when we finally meet ;) lol. I sure hope the neupogen is doing its job for you, I'm way to wimpy to give myself the shots plus they would charge me 120$ per shot to do it myself!?! Pretty weird. Jim you just stay strong and sassy as ever! Thanks for the love y'all! Aaron

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