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good report

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i seen my onc that did the transplant today, he said i looked better than he thought i would he cut down 1 on the prednisone, and said i will feel weak for a while my blood counts are coming up good, my platelets that wouldnt come up over 23 is now 101 white count is good a big warm hug for all the prayers hugs and well wishes i am gratefull i found this support line blessings denise

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Oh you made my day!!!! We've been praying for you and just waiting for this day!! You have been through so much. Now just rest and continue healing.

God Bless.


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Denise, you made my day too! My heart is full of joy.

Following Donna's lead:

Oh Happy Day ☺



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This is wonderful news. I'm heading down the same road, and I am glad you are recovering. It gives me hope! Thanks so much for the updates!


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A miracle story in progress..


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Hi Denise,
Thats wonderful news and I'm very happy for you. Rest and continue to heal. Love...Sue

miss maggie
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Dear Denise,

This is the second good news post I have read this morning. To think not so long ago, how worried we all were not hearing from you. Now seeing you post and sharing your good news almost brings tears to my eyes.

Love you Denise - hugs and love Maggie

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Great news Denise... Wishing you continued health and eventually complete cure...
Take care of yourself... Lots of Luv

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Great news Denise, hope that your health continues to improve! Take care and will continue to keep you in my prayers! (((Hugs)))


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Each day of life is a blessing, and news like this is the frosting on the cake. WooHoo!

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