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I wasted two weeks

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I found out this morning I had to find an other oral surgeon to remove the teeth that needed to be removed. I did it was done on an I need it done right now bases for my spelling. I am sitting here on pain meds drinking egg nog for now ice cream later. I wish when you go to docs they don't lie to you and tell you they put areferal in to do the work done then never put it in.

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I understand your frustration as it has happen to me too. I don't think they actual lie or want to make things difficult, sometimes things in all busy offices fall through the crack.

I hope you do feel better soon.



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I don't think they do it on purpose but I understand your frustration. Hey I went to dentist for regular cleanning. I have a cavity that needs to be filled. Tried to make appointment but nope they had to check my insurance. Noooo, I know I still have benefits but they wouldn't do it said they would call me the next day. I'm still waiting. LOLOLOL Oh well their lose at the moment. This was at least 3 weeks ago.


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Sorry to hear about having to find a new doctor for your teeth. I find it helpful if I am at the doctors for them to print out a hard copy for me. I don't know about your doctor but mine does it right on his computer when he tells me to go somewhere and gives me a copy of it. I've had what happened to you happen to me in the past. I hope your relief comes soon.


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