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Breast Cancer Mastecomy and Now chest pains and abnormal EKG

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Hi all. I was diagnosed with breast cancer stage III September 2011. Just finished all my treatments and rad's in July of this year. Now I am having issues with chest pains and discomfort. My primary doctor gave me an EKG and it came back abnormal and indicates a had a silent heartattack and referred me to a cardiologist. Just wondering if others have had similar issues and thinking if the drugs etc may be the cause of this. I try hard not to let every ache and pain consume me, but it is frightening.

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I had a period of time where everything seemed to ache, including ribs. Had blood test which came back positive for Lupus and another one that said no Lupus....... Apparently this happens frequently. No Rheumatoid Arthritis but do have Osreoarthritis at top of spine which got worse very quickly. Blame Tamoxifen for everything........... But who really knows. Anything that worries you please just have it looked at for peace of mind. I started to take the dreaded vitamins which I don't really want to take and must say I do feel better. Not all vitamins (well that is some of the natural products) are good for us just research on line. I'm Estrogen positive. Tell us what happens after check up if you decide to see someone.

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I'm bumping this up, hoping that Cypress Cynthia will reply. CC is a great resource for this....

And welcome. I hope you find this group as helpful and supportive as I have. Please come back and let us know how you are doing.



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