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Need some good advice please

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I am torn with a decision.Would like your opinion please.Some of you know me from 3yrs. Ago when I had Breast Cancer.I have been doing pretty good.But a couple months ago I have this issue that has come up with my stomach.I do Weight watchers and have lost 75 pounds.So I eat right .I go for walks like I should.Started having pain in my stomach.And also having some trouble with my throat.I am high risk for Colon Cancer being a Breast Cancer surviver and my dad had Colon Cancer.I had a colonoscopy a year and half ago was told I was ok..I went back to this Dr. When I started having problems again two months ago.He had me come back for a scope.I was awake when he did it.After three inemas I heard him ask nurse if I had done the enimas.I seen on screen that I was not completely cleaned out.But he never made that known to me.He told me I was fine and to take fiber pills.I been doing this with stool softeners and laxatives and still miserable.Having lot of pain in my stomach.I just excepted a few days ago that something is not right.As silly as that sounds.Now my question is to you please,is do I trust this Dr. Again or go to another Dr.?I have divertikdelitis and my stomach problems have been totally opposite of now.It changed overnight.This is imbaressing to talk about but I have always been able to come on here and ask.I am grateful for that.I don't want to worry to much but also don't want to let it go without making sure I am ok.I may add I been going to this Dr. For 16 hrs. Or more.I talked to my reg. Dr and she told me to take fiber and laxatives.My appointment is tomorrow with the stomach Dr.Please tell me what you would do.Thank you.

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I have had a colonscopy EVERY YEAR for 20 yrs....TWO TIMES i have not been totally cleaned out and i went back the next day-to have it done again.

I was only totally awake for one in office (first appt) just check things out..after them semi concious and for year totally knocked out cold.

I think I would ask for second opinion though that means more nasty prep.

I have ulcertive colitis..


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I'd get a second opinion. Or perhaps a different scan/test. 2 yrs ago I had a colonoscopy at the request of my PA to get a 'baseline'. It was by far the worst procedure I've had and Dr. said I should never have another one - to have a barium enema instead if there was a reason to check. I was completely 'knocked out' for it thankfully.

Anyway - a second opinion would be good.

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I dont' mind the procedure...it's the prep that is bad...


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For most it is not really bad - I'm one of the weird ones that it is bad. As I understood the Dr, my problem was that there is "jumble" that he could not get past even though I was kept out for about 4 times the time it should have taken and he used so my air to try to get through it that I looked like I was 10 mths PG when I left. The pain was excruciation and pain meds did nothing. He said that the problem probably went back to when I had my last c-section. He said to never have another one but to have barium enema if I needed another scan/test. Oh-ha-well - we're all different.

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I asked MANY questions before going in for my first colonoscopy (having heard the horror stories about the prep). I finally asked if there were alternative prep methods available and the doctor hesitatingly said I could take pills instead of that nasty gallon of stuff. So, I took three huge horse pills every fifteen minutes for a period of time and it was a CAKEWALK!!!! Now whenever I go in I demand the pills. The only downside to that is they want you to be a "regular" person (which I am) without constipation problems, so they don't "openly advertise" that this method is an option (which I think is crummy). I've now had three colonoscopies using the pills and it was NOTHING!!!

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Hi - I would go for a second opinion and stop taking laxatives. I have seen a colon surgeon/specialist for a few years and he is a top Dr. here in NYC. He has always said laxatives are not healthy for the colon, although, in emergencies (like during chemo),I had to take them. He said chemo was much worse than the pills. Anyway, Another reason why I would stop taking them is because if you were not cleaned out completely, you don't know the reasons why or if there is a blockage or something that's not allowing your digestive system to function properly. You would not want to take laxatives under these circumstances but rather get a more intensive test done (or have the Dr. manually go in to help you go). I personally hate it when I can't function in this area - it is very frustrating and adds a lot of anxiety. You don't need this. I am sorry you're experiencing this. Know that anxiety and nerves do not help this situation but makes it worse. I am the type of person whose stomach pays for everything.

Please try to stay positive at all times. I know it's hard, but positive energy is everything. Believe you're OK. Know you're OK. I pray things improve for you quickly. Let us know how you do.

If you decide to see another Dr. I would request copies of everything that has been done to me and bring it to him so not to duplicate efforts (or tests).

Sending you a super hug from NY.


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He had to do several days of enemas (large, water enemas, not fleets) followed by a full prep in order to be sufficiently clean for his colonoscopy. He started his prep a day or so earlier than "normal" after 2 failed colonoscopy preps.

Frankly, if you are not fully cleaned out, then they can't see everything. Discuss other preps, give yourself a breather, and request a repeat scan.

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I too have had serious stomach issues and had to rant and rave to get things done enough to give me peace of mind. I would insist on an MRI or CT scan to ensure there is not other issues. I ended up finding out that I had a bad gall bladder, once it was removed my seriously painful stomach eased up quite a bit. I still have to take stool softeners (3 to 4 a day) and a cap full of Metamucil nightly. The long and short of it is if I were you I would level with this doctor that you feel further testing should be done due to your and your family history. You need to KNOW you are okay and for that reason scan's are needed. Let us know how things go, hope you feel better soon!


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My own experience with stomach problems has led to my breast cancer diagnosis twice. I do not want to scary you, however you should tell you medical oncologist about your problems and a full body PET/CT. Sorry Pat, again I am talking about my symptoms and body.
Good luck tomorrow

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Sometimes after you lose weight the gall bladder acts up, happened to my husband

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You mentioned problems with your throat. Are you having trouble swallowing? If so, please,i urge you to have a look in your esophagus. Find a doctor who will do this.

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